Mirrion 2 -- Real Time Ionosonde Data Mirror

Master Ionosonde Data Set (MIDS)

The MIDS is a complete set of data received or generated by Mirrion.

NEW -- Latest Ionograms

Latest Real Time Ionograms from all stations.

Latency Monitor

Backlog Monitor

Time history plot of the number of files backlogged in the Mirrion data processing queues. Updated hourly.

These are two prototype methods for plotting data that are being evaulated for eventual merger

Global Map of real time data

Maps of stations that have sent data to Mirrion "recently", typically in the last week or so. Images are updated daily at 12 UT.

Note the size of the circle is a subjective and qualitative opinion as to the quality of the data and the area of "coverage" for each sensor.

Monitor stations in real time using Google Earth or other KML viewer (Right click, then "Save Link As...", and open in Google Earth)