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Detailed archive catalog of SWPC and processed archive data.
Detailed archive catalog of NGDC processed archive data.

Users of these data and software are strongly advised to visit the Important Notices page.

April 2013: NGDC began a new era of POES processing, these documents describe those data:

November 1978 - December 2012: SWPC processed data documentation:

Software (C & IDL) for decoding SEM-1 binary archive files.
Software (C & Fortran) for decoding SEM-2 binary archive files.

The NORAD orbital elements for NOAA and TIROS- N satellites are available from CelestraK.


Appendix A: Removing Proton Contamination From the POES MEPED Electron Measurements.

J.B.Blake and W.A.Kolasinski, Aerospace Corporation -- Preliminary Evaluation of HEPAD Performance
This document discusses data from TIROS-N and NOAA-6 and isn't dated.

NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL SEL-75, The TIROS-N / NOAA A-J Space Environment Monitor Subsystem, R.A. Seale and R.H. Bushnell, April 1987, Part I, Part II

Evans, D.S., 1994. A study of intense auroral electron precipitation events. In Proceedings of the Second Space Environment Center Users Conference, Boulder, CO.

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Static displays of NOAA data created for various projects:

  • NOAA-11 anomalies plotted on a background of NOAA-10 electron fluxes. (GIF)
  • Stack plots showing the NOAA-12 > .3 MeV electrons at L4.5 - L4.8 and GOES-8 > 2 MeV electrons at L6.6. These plots show the affect of smoothing on the NOAA-12 data, an algorithm for detecting NOAA-12 event start and peak times, and an exponential decay model for those events. (PDF, 12/23/98)