Satellite Data Services

  • DMSP - Space Weather data from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Spacecraft.

    • Orbit - Sun Synchronous satellite system in 840 km polar orbit
    • SSIES - Special Sensor Topside Ionosphere Plasma Sensor(F06-20)
    • SSJ - Special Sensor Auroral Particle Spectrometer(F06-20)
    • SSM - Special Sensor Magnetometer(F12-20)
  • DSCOVR - Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) is the replacement satellite for NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft to continue monitoring solar wind near the L1 point.

  • GOES SEM - Energetic particle, X-ray, & magnetic field measurements at geosynchronous altitude.

    GOES satellites carry onboard a Space Environment Monitor subsystem that measures X-rays, Energetic Particles and the Magnetic Field at the spacecraft.

  • GOES SXI - Solar X-ray Imager

  • POES/MetOp SEM - Energetic particle measurements at polar-orbit altitude.

    NOAA's Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites (POES) carry a suite of instruments that measure the flux of energetic ions and electrons at the altitude of the satellite. This environment varies as a result of solar and geomagnetic activity. Beginning with the NOAA-15 satellite, an upgraded version of the Space Environment Monitor (SEM-2) has been flown.