Solar Prominences and Filaments Data

Solar Prominences and Filaments appear as dark filamentary objects on the solar disk (filaments) and as protuberances on the edge of the solar disk (prominences). They generally sit above magnetic neutral lines, outlining the demarcation of negative and positive magnetic fields on the Sun's surface. They are viewed in the H-alpha and the Calcium K lines in the solar chromosphere. Occasionally they blow off the surface of the Sun and can cause space weather effects on Earth if their paths intersect. Meudon Solar Observatory has kept a record of sudden disappearances of solar filaments for many years, publishing extensive lists in the Cartes Synoptiques de la Chromosphere Solaire. During the International Geophysical Years (IGY 1957-1959) an international effort to observe these disk phenomena routinely in a standard format began. This effort continues today.

  1. Solar Prominences and Filaments from a worldwide network of observatories 1957-present (includes data from the High Altitude Observatory (HAO) IGY Series of reports) 1957-present. The digitization of these data were part of a data rescue project funded by the NOAA Earth Systems Data and Information Management (ESDIM) program and the NASA Space Physics Data System (SPDS) Data Set Preservation and Supply program. NASA SPDS and NOAA ESDIM Data Rescue ---- Download Data

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    • Solar Cartes Synoptiques de la Chromosphere Solaire --1919-present

    • Catalog of Solar Filament Disappearances 1964-1980, Report UAG-100, Clint Wright, Australia:

      TABULATION OF FILAMENT DISAPPEARANCES 1964-1980 from Report UAG-100 Catalog of Solar Filament Disappearances 1964-1980 by C.S.Wright, Electronics Research Laboratory, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Salisbury, South Australia 5108, Australia, February 1991, 62 pp. The table lists all DF (disappearing filaments) events detected between 26 October 1964 and 31 December 1980. NASA SPDS and NOAA ESDIM Data Rescue

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