Space Weather

We are responsible for the archive and access of solar and space environmental data and derived products collected by NOAA observing systems and acquired through the World Data Service for Geophysics. Archives include extensive collections of data from solar observatories, ground ionospheric sounders, and satellites plus modeled space climatologies.

Aurorae Data Airglow IGY
Airglow IQSY Geomagnetic Indices
Noctilucent Clouds
Solar Features Solar Indices Data
Solar Imagery Solar Indices Bulletin
Miscellaneous Solar Data Solar Wind Data
GOES SXI DMSP (Space Environment)
Satellite Anomalies Radiation Belt Indices
DSCOVR GPS (Sample Data)
LANL_GEO (Sample Data)
Ionosonde CORS-GPS
US-TEC archives FIRST Scintillation Forecast
D-RAP archives Sudden Ionosphereic Disturbances
Forbush Archives Cosmic Rays
Solar Proton Events
Daily Reports Periodic Reports
Annual Summaries (TBD)