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What is it?

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Geoportal software is an application for discovering data and service resources within the data center.

Key functional components:

  • Support for FGDC, Remote Sensing Extensions, and ISO 19115-2 metadata standards
  • Support for ArcGIS Server
  • Support for OpenDAP (via customization)
  • Metadata can be harvested from WAFs
  • Customizable
  • Open Source Software with technical support options
  • Support for federated searches
  • OGC CSW compliant
  • Growing user community across NOAA

What metadata and services are available for search?

Contains 27,318 NGDC records. (30 January 2012 (MST))
Contains 28,725 records total. (30 January 2012 (MST))

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FGDC and ISO Metadata Directories

NGDC ArcGIS Server Resources

Federated Searches
  • NGDC
    • Collection (doesn't fit any where else)
    • MGG
      • DART
      • DEM
      • Geology
      • Geophysics
      • Hazards
      • Hazard Photos
      • Lidar
      • Multibeam
      • NOS
      • Seismic
    • STP
      • Terrestrial
      • Solar
      • SEM
      • Ionosphere
      • Ionosonde
      • Indicies
      • Geo Mag
  • IOOS
  • OCO
  • NOSA
  • etopo1 (MapServer)
  • etopo1_dem (ImageServer)
  • extract (GPServer)
  • firedetects (MapServer)
  • fishmaps (MapServer)
  • gebco08_hillshade (MapServer)
  • gebco_contours2 (MapServer)
  • Geometry (GeometryServer)
  • GptGaz (GeocodeServer)
  • graticule (MapServer)
  • hot_springs (MapServer)
  • multibeam (MapServer)
  • multibeam_dynamic (MapServer)
  • nosa (MapServer)
  • Sample_Index (MapServer)
  • ufn (MapServer)

How do the metadata and services get harvested?

Set up of the harvest nodes are managed by Dave Neufeld and Anna Milan. If there are problems with the source metadata Anna will advise the appropriate author as needed. Data managers do not need to manage the harvest and synchonization process - HOWEVER, it is recommended that each data manager take some time to review the metadata in Geoportal.

FGDC and ISO Metadata WAFs

NGDC ArcGIS Server Resources

Federated Searches

Synchronized weekly. All metadata records are re-harvested and indexed automatically.

Manual Harvest.

Selection of a distributed search option enables searching remote catalogs from the geoportal's interface. Lucene search options may differ.

Search Features

How to Search

Custom Search Features

  • Search by date across FGDC and ISO
  • Search by service
  • Search within WAF

Search Results

How to Use Search Page Results

  • Links to different views of the metadata - Details (HTML), Metadata (XML)
  • URLs in metadata become links - Preview, Open, WMS, Website, Download
  • Browse graphic
  • Zoom to location on map

REST API Search Results

Using the REST API

  • ATOM
  • KML
  • JSON

Multibeam REST API Examples

Search within the multibeam WAF for records with start date 2009-02-01 to end date 2012-02-01 with HTML response: Multibeam Example1 Link

Search within the multibeam WAF for keywords 'Elevation' with JSON response: Multibeam Example2 Link

Search within the multibeam WAF for records within -82.692,32.6969,-67.2573,40.2692 with JSON response: Multibeam Example3 Link


More Details on NGDC Intranet Wiki

  • ISO 19115-2 support
  • Customized browse catalog
  • OpenDAP Viewer linkage in Geoportal
  • Keyword checklist in search options
  • Drop down menus
    • Classification by WAF
    • Service Type
  • Metadata Modification Date Search
  • LDAP configuration


Next Steps

  • Upgrade to version 1.2
  • Improve descriptions and capabilities of service metadata
  • Explore semantic search and NGDC specific ontologies
  • Facet search integration


  • Manager and/or Sponsor - Dan Kowal
  • Science Lead - Ted Habermann
  • Technology Lead - Dave Neufeld
  • Training and Metadata Content - Anna Milan

Enterprise Metadata Management Architecture

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