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== At a minimum ==
== At a minimum ==
=== Review Content and Ensure Everything is Up-to-Date ===
=== Review Content and Ensure Everything is Up-to-Date ===

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At a minimum

Review Content and Ensure Everything is Up-to-Date

  • Do all of your archive holdings have metadata?
  • Are URLs up-to-date?
  • Are contacts, phone numbers and emails up-to-date?
  • Are keywords still up-to-date?
  • When was the metadata last reviewed and last updated?


How well does the metadata describe the resource?

  • Is the scope of the metadata granular enough to describe the resource?
  • Is quality and data history included?
  • Does the distribution link take users to that data access page?

Even better

Have the metadata standard(s) and/or metadata tools evolved?

  • Are there new features or new metadata tools that make editing metadata easier?
  • Have the standards evolved and what new features help document data better?

The Best


  • Are there ways to re-using metadata programmatically?
  • Distributing metadata with data data download?
  • Providing links to metadata for more information from data distribution sources?

The Bomb

Related Projects and Communities

  • Are there other projects and communities that the metadata can be a part of?
  • Are there expectations and guidance available from projects and communities?
  • Is the metadata content compatible with projects and communities?