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* Are '''keywords''' still up-to-date?  
* Are '''keywords''' still up-to-date?  
* '''Spelling''' and grammar are checked?
* '''Spelling''' and grammar are checked?
* When was the metadata '''last reviewed''' and last updated?
* Update the Metadata Date Field?
== Better ==
== Better ==

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Metadata for the archive are living documents that need, at a minimum, annual review. Sometimes the data changes, the metadata content changes or it is an opportunity to make the content of the record richer. Please update the metadata date when the review is complete.

At a minimum

Review Content and Ensure Everything is Up-to-Date

  • Do all of your archive holdings have metadata?
  • Are URLs up-to-date?
  • Are contacts, phone numbers and emails up-to-date?
  • Are keywords still up-to-date?
  • Spelling and grammar are checked?
  • Update the Metadata Date Field?


How well does the metadata describe the resource?

  • Is the scope of the metadata granular enough to describe the resource?
  • Is quality and data history included?
  • Does the distribution link take users to that data access page?

Even better

Have the metadata standard(s) and/or metadata tools evolved?

  • Are there new features or new metadata tools that make editing metadata easier?
  • Have the standards evolved and what new features help document data better?



  • Are there ways to re-using metadata programmatically?
  • Distributing metadata with data data download?
  • Providing links to metadata for more information from data distribution sources?

The Bomb

Related Projects and Communities

  • Are there other projects and communities that the metadata can be a part of?
  • Are there expectations and guidance available from projects and communities?
  • Is the metadata content compatible with projects and communities?