Data/Instrument/Algorithm status meeting

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GOES NOP Issues/Updates

  • SEM particles
    • 2010-Coefficient update needed for the proton correction to 2MeV electrons
    • 3/2011 Error bars needed on EPEAD electrons to show when the data is bad due to proton contamination
      • Algorithm has been developed and implemented but new release has not been issued
    • 2/2103 Time stamp prior to 2008 is off
      • SWPC will check what changes occurred on that day to understand the nature of the problem
      • Good time tags may exist in the SWPC database
  • MAG
  • XRS
  • SXI

DSCOVR Issues/Updates

POES/MetOp Issues/Updates

  • 1/2013 SWPC discontinued processing 1/2013-will likely not resume
    • NGDC processing should begin 03/2013 but will not include hemi power or belt indices
  • 3/2013 NOAA 17 will be discontinued due to solar power control issues

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