FGDC Remote Sensing Extensions Instrument Information

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Instrument Information

The FGDC Remote Sensing Extensions include a section for describing the instruments used to make observations. This section can include any number of Instrument_References or Instrument_Descriptions. Instrument_References are citations to descriptions of the instrument. The Instrument_Descriptions include several elements:

Instrument_Description =

Instrument_Type +
0{Operational_Mode}1 +
Collection_Type +
(Sensor_Orientation) +
[Frame_Camera | Scan | Other_Collector_Description] +

The Collector_Description is where many details of the instrument are captured. Samples descriptions are provided for frame cameras and scanners in the RSE Workbook. The metadata record for the Atmospheric Pathfinder Product provides an excellent example for a NESDIS Product.

Band Information

Information about specific bands is held in the Scan_Spectral_Properties section of the RSE. This section includes only the Spectral_Information section:
Spectral_Information =

Number_of_Wavelength_Bands +

Number_of_Wavelength_Bands =

Number_of_Bands (see section 1 for production rules)

Wavelength_Band_Properties (see page 124 in the RSE Specification for detailed descriptions of these properties)=

Wavelength_Units ["m","cm","mm","mm","nm",free text]+
(Band_Boundary_Definition) ["3db","half maximum","50 %","1/e","equivalent width", free text]+
Minimum_Wavelength +
Maximum_Wavelength +
(Peak_Wavelength) +
(Wavelength_Region) ["ultraviolet","visible","infrared","microwave","radio",free text]+
(Nominal_Spatial_Resolution) +
(Band_Quality) +
0{Polarization_Characteristics}n +

Nominal_Spatial_Resolution =

Spatial_Resolution_Units ["meters","kilometers","degrees",free text] +

Polarization_Characteristics =

Receiver_Polarization +