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  • EX_geographicDescription is a component of ISO_EX_EXTENT
  • It maps GCMD Keywords to Code and Thesaurus to Authority
    • A search is done on here on a FILEIDENTIFIER and type="place"
      • this url
        , which is embedded in the EX_EXTENT display 174, produces the following xml sample and uses a FILEIDENTIFIER of "SST100" and type="place"
<!--the following gmd:geographicElement is from t=102865 s=165 d=174-->
           <gco:CharacterString>NASA/GCMD Location Keywords at</gco:CharacterString>

     <gco:CharacterString>Geographic Region > Global Ocean</gco:CharacterString>
<!--end of gmd:geographicElement from t=102865 s=165 d=174-->