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Keywords are mandatory elements in FGDC and ISO metadata standards. We recommend using controlled vocabularies whenever possible. This can enable identification of disparate data with similar or identical subject matter.

Keyword Lists

NMMR Keyword Resources

  • Micro-interface for editing keywords for individual metadata record.
  • Go to page of Published metadata records to view validation of GCMD keywords and counts of theme keyword in each record set.

How to find validation status of GCMD keywords for an individual metadata record

  1. Go to page of published metadata.
  2. Select link to record set.
  3. Select 'Text' or 'HTML' link to metadata record.
  4. Select 'Validate GCMD keywords' link at top right.

Notes about validation of GCMD keywords

This is a work in progress, we hope to keep this documentation as up-to-date as possible.
We are only able to check against the NASA/GCMD Earth Science Keyword List. We hope to include other GCMD Keyword lists, when available.

GCMD requests that we document their thesauri like this: "NASA/GCMD Earth Science Keywords". However, in order for your GCMD keywords to be validated, they must include these words: "GCMD Earth Science" in the Keyword Thesaurus element.

Note: The GCMD keyword validation does not prevent records from passing FGDC validation, hence you can publish metadata records with poor or incorrect keywords. It is up to the metadata editor to ensure that the keywords are the latest and greatest.

Other Resources

Introductory discussion about controlled vocabularies from Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI)portal.