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Highly recommend using this section to provide citations and identifiers to associated resources, such as papers, user guides, programs and larger works.

Elements Definition and Recommended Practice
1 aggregateDataSetName 0..1 The citation to the associated resource.
2 aggregateDataSetIdentifier 0..1 The identifer to the associated resource. Don't use. Deprecated in ISO 19115-1.
3 associationType 1 Use the 'crossReference' code value to identify related datasets or documents, such as science papers, user guides, or specification documents.
Use 'largerWorkCitation' code value to identify a master dataset, larger program or operation of which this resource is a part.
4 initiativeType 0..1 Use of the following extended code values: 'userGuide', 'sciencePaper', or 'dataDictionary' to categorize documents in 'crossReference'.
Use the following code values: 'campaign', 'collection', 'mission', 'operation', 'project' or 'program' to categorize the type of 'largerWorkCitation'.

Community Requirements

M = Mandatory; C = Conditional; R = Recommended; blank cell = user discretion

Community Element M C R Notes

NOAA Completeness Rubric V2

aggregateDataSetName R Extra credit for recommended fields.
associationType R
initiativeType R

OneStop Project

aggregateDataSetName Same requirements as the ISO standard.
associationType M

More Information

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