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=== Use SVN ===
=== Use SVN ===
[http://intranet.ngdc.noaa.gov/wiki/index.php/SVN_for_Metadata| SVN for Metadata Management]
[http://intranet.ngdc.noaa.gov/wiki/index.php/SVN_for_Metadata SVN for Metadata Management]
=== Publish My Metadata ===
=== Publish My Metadata ===

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Published Records

Metadata Home Page

To provide a link to your published metadata record, go to the published metadata page, click on the desired view of your record (e.g. HTML, TEXT, FAQ, XML), and copy/paste the URL from the web browser into an email or web page.

NGDC Geoportal

About NGDC Geoportal
This metadata portal is NGDC's metadata discovery tool.

National Discovery Portals

Our metadata records are harvested to these sites.

Community Specific Portals

CLASS Metadata

Metadata Standards


Metadata Content Guidance



Metadata Maintenance

How To...

Get Tools Set Up

Clickable Workflow (PDF)


SVN for Metadata Management

Publish My Metadata

Clickable Workflow (PDF)

Validate Metadata

Transform XML

Transform to HTML views
How to set up Transformation Scenario

Edit XML

Metadata Tools

Enterprise Metadata Management Architecture (EMMA)



Web Accessible Folder (WAF)


Spiral Tracker

Oxygen XML Editor

FREE XML Editors

Other ISO Editors

Metadata Parser (MP) from USGS

This service will convert fgdc txt to xml.

Community Resources

Outdated Metadata Wiki Pages

Enterprise Metadata Management Architecture

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