NOAA Processing Levels

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Processing Levels of NOAA Satellite Data Sets

Ontology Registry and Repository

Level 0

  • Data products are unprocessed telemetry data as received from the observing platform excluding communication artifacts introduced by ground system.

Level 1a

  • Data products are telemetry data that have been extracted but not decommutated from level 0 and formatted into time-sequenced datasets for easier processing. Level 1a formats are NOAA's internal formats and are only used for NOAA processing. They only exist briefly for the purpose of creating the level 1b datasets

Level 1b

  • Data products are discrete, instrument-specific datasets derived from level 1a containing unprocessed data at full resolution, time-referenced, and annotated with ancillary information including data quality indicators, calibration coefficients and georeferencing parameters.

Level 2

  • Data products are derived geophysical variables at the same resolution and locations as the level 1 source data.

Level 3

  • Data products are mapped on uniform space-time grid scales, usually with some completeness and consistency.

Level 4

  • Data products are model output or results from analysis of lower level data e.g.variables derived from multiple measurements.


  • Appendix B - NOAA Data Product Levels (informative)
  • FGDC, Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata - Extensions for Remote Sensing Metadata (FGDC-STD-012-2002)

Level 1b

  • NOAA Level 1b is raw data that have been quality controlled, assembled into discrete data sets, and to which Earth location and calibration information have been appended (but not applied).


  • NOAA KLM User's Guide, Section 8.0, NOAA Level 1b Database