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The following questions are used for initial appraisal of a request to archive at NGDC:

  1. Is there any over-arching agreement (ex.: MOU, MOA) or standing arrangement that justifies this request?
  2. Does the proposed data set fit the mission of the data center?
  3. A brief description of each dataset (Time period of content, purpose and current/expected value to science and society).
  4. What is the format of the data? (Proprietary, binary or ascii, self-describing, standard format, etc....)
  5. What metadata exists for the data set? Does it follow a standard format such as FGDC or ISO?
  6. How many files are we talking about? What is the overall volume?
  7. Given the volume, what data transfer arrangements are needed - will data be submitted in one session or multiple?
  8. Will it be a one time submission or do you foresee more in the future and at what frequency?
  9. What kind of data quality information is provided with each dataset?
  10. Do you require any special access to the data once it's archived here?
  11. What user groups do you expect would want access to this data - are there any restrictions on redistributing it?
  12. Who are the contacts from the provider end in overseeing this arrangement and handling the data delivery?

MS-Word Version for Download

Submit responses to this questionnaire to the NGDC Data Administrator.