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NGDC is now using The Advanced Tracking and Resource tool for Archive Collections (ATRAC) for handling all requests to archive data. This system provides a common interface for users to enter and display information on archiving projects at the NOAA National Data Centers.


Get started by contacting the NGDC Data Administrator with a brief description of the data you wish to have stewarded by a NOAA Data Center. You can fill out the NGDC Preliminary Appraisal Questionnaire as a means for describing the data. If the data set is appropriate for NGDC, the data administrator will set up a user account for the requester and register an archive project; otherwise, other options will be offered. Once the account has been set up, ATRAC will notify the requester with a temporary password and login information. The data administrator will follow up with further information about how to access the Request to Archive Form.

ATRAC Access