SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-01-09

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In Attendance

  • Phil Jones
  • Dan Kowal
  • Tess Brandon
  • Jeremy Throwe
  • Scott McCormick
  • Anna Milan

CLASS as a Submission Agreement Repository

  • Does this constitute as SAAS - Submission Agreements as a Service?
  • Jeremy will discuss our interest with Bob Rank about the possibility of CLASS providing Knowledge Tree as a repository for NNDC submission agreements.
  • Data Centers would retain ownership of the agreements.
  • Directories provided per NNDC with one Document Control Number file that will be used for tracking documents and a means to obtain a new DCN for each SA added to the repository.
  • Will need to revisit access controls per directory.
  • CMOs per NNDC would Admin their own directories.
  • Discussed adding language to the working SA template about ownership of the document, but identified Section 1.7 (DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) providing adequate language for purposes of ownership.
  • If/when storage mechanism of data set transitions to CLASS, only an ICD would be needed, and the ownership is still retained through the data center.

Signing Scenarios for the SA

  • Only a handful across NNDC are signed.
  • Discussed when this should occur.
  • Each situation is different. Some could be signed and baselined initially with a number of sections left "TBD", while others may need to be completely filled out before signature.
  • Group will mull over text such as "Archive CMO will coordinate with Data Producer POC an appropriate timeline for securing signatures for the SA..." and decide where the best place to put it in the document.


  • Phil reported that the Archive Branch is planning an overall process flow chart for the Data Center.
  • Change Request form is being developed for any aspect described in the SA or archival process.
  • Phil is going to use the new template for two SAs.


  • Individuals involved in this desired a sit down with Tom Schott to cover a process control work flow for the SPSRB and how the SA fits into the overall picture.
  • Would be nice to develop a set of guidelines that go to the producers of these products.
  • A future meeting should be devoted to this topic once we have the template further along.

Information Package Reference tables

  • Phil proposed a new table structure.
  • Will work on it some more and propose again.
  • Has some advantages compare with the one currently in place.
  • Jeremy suggested that we go with something plausible and change as needed.

Example SA - NGS CORS

  • Initial review by Dan.
  • Title page.
    • DCN reviewed and processed suggested above.
    • Header Doc Control Number was imposed upon CLASS and is not necessary for Data Centers - best to our knowledge.
    • Total number of pages. Could investigate a macro for this or just place last page number for the last section excluding appendix.
  • Approval page.
    • Spell out Provider/Archive titles to match title page.
  • Introduction.
    • Dan discussed the importance of including high level data set specific information along with the boiler plate SA/OAIS introductory content as there does not seem to be a place to do it otherwise.
    • Dan will send out a copy of the introduction (the whole SA) for the group to review and comment about it.

Next Meeting

  • Friday, Jan. 23rd, 2009 at 3:00 PM EST.
  • Agenda Items:
    • Discuss what kind of status report to share at Feb. COPB Mtg.
    • Continue discussion of example SA.