SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-04-17

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In Attendance

  • Phil Jones
  • Dan Kowal
  • Jeremy Throwe
  • Scott McCormick
  • Anna Milan
  • Tess Brandon

Initial GOES-R Discussion

  • Space Wx sensors as of this point have not been included in the metadata model discussion.
  • Some minimal amount of metadata has been discussed for all sensors, but further discussion is needed, perhaps in a later round of review given the upcoming due date for the initial draft submission.
  • Anna will talk with representative in NGDC and GOES-R to see about initiating some discussions.

COPB Feedback

  • Doesn't appear that the SAWG will get any feedback or official approval any time soon of the draft SA from the COPB or the COWG.
  • The group accepted the current format (with the change of the term "Producer" to "Provider" by Phil) as the official template to use by the Data Centers. Considering where the SA fits in the Appraisal/Approval Process work flow and removal of signing authority by the Data Center Directors, the group will not seek official approval at this time before deployment.

CLASS Controlled Vocabulary

  • Brief discussion by Scott and Jeremy about recent activities for CLASS to develop a list of controlled vocabularies.
  • Where possible, they will use OAIS-compliant (and existing) definitions.
  • Phil referred them to the ISO-19115 Code List for responsible parties.
  • They were directed to use defined terms that exist in the SA.

Archive Recommendation Template

  • Tess described one that NODC recently put together for Coastwatch along with an approval letter slated to be signed at an Ocean Color Meeting 4/27. She sent the group copies.
  • Phil described that NCDC has developed one, and will also share with the group.
  • Bring this up at another meeting to see about a common format used by all Data Centers.

SA Tracking

  • Jeremy will place a work request with CLASS to create a new hierarchy for tracking SAs.
  • There will be one document at the highest level with names of the SAs and a Document Control Number. This will be the place to go and retrieve the next Doc ID for a new SA.
  • Another Spreadsheet will be used for tracking purposes, also at the highest level.
  • Jeremy will use the members of the SAWG, COWG and COPB and an initial list of accounts to create, but asked that the group think if others are needed to be added to the list.

SPSRB Training Mtg. Discussion

  • Reviewed two slides for an upcoming presentation at a training meeting for the SPSRB.
  • Shortfalls identified whereby no guidance given about archive engagement within the context of the "NOAA Procedure for Scientific Records Appraisal and Archive Approval” process. However, there is a description of defining archive requirements without any indication of what that entails.
  • Dan will put out a request to Tom Schott about joining the training meeting as a representative of the archive. Phil and Anna will join later on in the meeting due to a conflict.
  • Group discussed trying to advocate a "blending" of where the SPSRB fits in within the Appraisal/Approval process.
  • Group reviewed SPSRB website and looked over Forms and earlier generation of a SA, list of questions created by Phil.
  • Bottom line is to advocate that the archive should be contacted as early in the process as possible when the product review gets underway.

Next Meeting

  • May 1, 1 PM, EST.