SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-05-15

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In Attendance

  • Phil Jones
  • Drew Saunders
  • Dan Kowal
  • Jeremy Throwe
  • Anna Milan
  • Don Collins

KT Update

  • submission_agreement directory set up under data center docs.
  • Tracking Discussion.
    • Group needs to consider the scope of the tracking:
      • Total workflow of the SA? - Dan will check with Buddy Hawkins about capturing this from KT.
      • More than just the SA? Do we track the full status of documents generated in the archive approval process?
      • Reviewed the NGCD online tracking report.
      • Phil will send out project status tracking and a document control number list spreadsheet for the group to evaluate.
      • Don expressed concern about the spreadsheets being too unwieldy for tracking; perhaps a database would be better.
      • Some color-coding scheme would be good to add for tracking.
      • Possible consideration is to only have a DCN Tracking sheet for obtaining the new Control # for the next SA.
      • Group will consider what each data center thinks is important track (what do we need to know and who is the audience for the report?) and discuss in next months' meeting.


  • Dan shared some information with regard to the COPB contacting Tom Schott.
  • Dan discussed some feedback from data center directors about emphasizing the point that SPSRB go through a data center contact initially and not directly with CLASS.
  • Dan will check with COWG to clarify who should be the main POC with regard to the SPSRB.
  • Group reviewed proposed agenda for the upcoming SPSRB meeting.
  • Group discussed what might be the impediments and reasons for the lack of archive provisioning for SPSRB products.
  • Phil identified the lack of enforcement in the NOAA Procedure Guidelines that leaves it up to the producer to decide whether or not to archive as opposed to the long-term value of data dictating it's archival needs.
  • Phil highlighted the Coastwatch example where soft money was available for archive resources and wondered how many examples exist like this with regard to the SPSRB.

Next Meetings

  • May 27 - SPSRB Mtg.
  • June 12 - Tracking Discussion. (Come prepared with your "What to track list.")