SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-06-12

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In Attendance

  • Phil Jones
  • Dan Kowal
  • Jeremy Throwe
  • Scott McCormick
  • Tess Brandon
  • Anna Milan

DCN Tracking

  • Will use DCN # Format: [Agency]/[Division-Two Digit Year]/[DCN - tracking sheet]
  • Decided to drop "R0", revision number used by NCDC, as CLASS never changes a DCN once established.
  • Phil questioned whether DCN tracking should be under each respective data center as opposed to sharing DCNs between the data centers. If SAs are owned and maintained by individual data center then DCN tracking responsibility should fall with that DC. He wanted to give the idea it more thought. Phil agreed however that it would be good for the DCs to follow the same DCN format.

KT Discussion

  • CLASS (Jeremy) will consider/look into moving all of the existing SAs in KT to the data center folder(s). Currently, the SAs are packaged by Campaigns.
  • Want to stay away from duplication. There is no linking in KT.
  • Scott and Jeremy confirmed that you can subscribe to a folder and not have to do it per document.

Review of Phil's Active Archive Project Matrix

  • Change "CLASS" Column to Data Repository as not all of the data is destined for CLASS.
  • Appraisal Type. Need to change "preliminary" or change its definition as it can be misconstrued.
  • Project-ID. Discussed prepending a data center to the ID.
  • Dates. "Update Due" could be confusing for the various activities involved in an Archive Project. Suggested having a "Last Update" and keeping the "Target Date."
  • Discussion.
    • Phil wasn't sure about using a MS spreadsheet as the mechanism for tracking SAs at all three data centers. Jeremy thought it would be important for consistency that all DCs use the same SOPs for tracking the status of things. Anna added that it would be easier to have it all in one place. Dan suggested the use of Pivot Table reporting that come in use for reporting stats on all projects. Phil said the use of filters for all columns could serve the same purpose. There was another suggestion about the use of Tabs/DC as another way to organize, but having the ability to run reports on all activities in a sheet may be important for upper management.

Action Items.

  • Jeremy to ask CLASS Management about SA organization within the data center document folders.
  • Phil to update both the DCN and Archive Project Tracking/Instruction Docs and add them to KT at the data center folder hierarchy level. The group will work with these tracking sheets and see how it goes.
  • SPSRB. Since there was no time to discuss this topic, Dan suggested that email discussions be the course of action for what support the group can offer this process.

Next Mtg.

  • Dan will look at peoples schedule and see what's available as a number of conflicts have appeared due to GOES-R mtgs. and such.