SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-06-30

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In Attendance

  • Phil Jones
  • Drew Saunders
  • Dan Kowal
  • Jeremy Throwe
  • Scott McCormick
  • Tess Brandon
  • Anna Milan

SA Template

  • Dan shared the truncation problem he's having with the Table 4.1.3-1: Submission Session Inventory when viewed in Page Layout View. Asked if others have ideas about what's causing this problem to please share solutions.

KT Discussion

  • Scott will ask the KT admins about the notification process based on subscriptions set up per folder. It appears that no notifications go out if you are subscribed to a high level folder, and a sub-directory beneath that gets updated.
  • Phil loaded the Tracking template at the data set level.
  • Dan is using the DCN Sheet for NGDC and is assigning current dates for "Release Dates" when apply DCNs to SA that have already been worked on.

Archive Activity Discussion

  • Anna suggested that we begin meetings with a briefing on archive activities occurring at the data centers as a means of information sharing that can be constructive for all participants. We'll include this as a regular part of the meetings.
  • NCDC.
    • ETRAP: Engaged in SA development unfortunately less than a month before product goes operational through SPSRB.
    • Next generation of IASI-derived Products: a product suite part of NDE called NUCAPS (NOAA Unique CrIS-ATMS Processing System), Tom King (STAR) is dataset POC. Tom Schott had questioned why the NUCAPS products would need to go through the Appraisal/Approval Process since in his opinion they were an evolution of new products from an existing line of SPSRB approved products (IASI). Phil thought that even though the theoretical basis of the algorithms may be the same as the IASI, NUCAPS will be derived from new instruments and thus would be new data in need of an appraisal. The process can act as a feasibility study of sorts. It will take another 1.5 years before products begin flowing from NDE into CLASS. Scott reviewed the the three NDE product groups: SST/Aerosol, MIRS and NUCAPS Products.
  • NODC.
    • 2nd Gen. of SST (GHRSST?) from OSDPD. The SA has been in work for a number of years; now it's almost complete, breaking it apart in a couple of chunks - using the new template.
    • SAR Marine Winds (coming from Sentinal(?) Mission with ESA, a new satellite series) via the SPSRB - Tess in discussions with Tom Schott.
      • Keep Anna in the loop in order to improve metadata in CLASS; or perhaps an archive representative could do the metadata.

Archive Process Flow Diagram/SPSRB

  • Where does working with CLASS fit in the appraisal process - would like to nail down as well as define in the SPSRB process when it's appropriate to notify CLASS.
  • Tess explained a new slide (form) that's being considered by SPSRB that project leads fill out about the archive process. Tom Schott would like feedback on it.
  • Phil would like more of a high-level conceptual view of how/when the SPSRB process steps should interact and connect with the archive process steps.
  • The group discussed how the SPSRB Archive slide would have a series of check-offs. More is needed than what's displayed in the table.
  • Tess will send out slides to the group for comment. Phil stressed that we strive for a common goal.
  • Scott advised that we be careful not to make the process too burdensome; don't bight off more than we can chew.

Next Mtg.

  • Friday, July 10, 11 MST.