SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-07-10

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In Attendance

  • Phil Jones
  • Dan Kowal
  • Tess Brandon
  • Anna Milan

Archive Activities

  • NGDC
    • Combining the GOES-13 (N) with the subequent missions 14 (O) and 15 (P). CLASS has examples of combining a collection of missions into one SA.
    • Restricted Consumers. Dan showed how this is being handled for GOES-13 in Section 2. Discussed the possibility of taking this block out completely and refer to restrictions in the Dissemination Section.
    • Data Residency at the Provider. Dan showed how this information is captured in the GOES-13 SA under Additional Info in table 4.1.1-1. Discussed adding a new row to hold this info.
    • Platform/Instrument info for Model data. Discussed the USTEC SA and whether or not it was appropriate to add any P/I details for models. Consensus was that it was not appropriate, although Anna thought it important to identify the source of the data. Phil emphasized that the purpose of Section 3 is to give the reader a sense of what's documented in the SA. If the P/I is not relavent to the Model data, put "N/A" but reference lineage information in the earlier PDI section.
    • Rolling Deck to Repository (R-to-R). Anna discussed the Pilot Phase of this project and wondered if NODC was aware of it. Data flows from ships into nodes (Lamont or Scripps) and then on to archives. Dan mentioned that the SA development process is delayed until the project becomes more mature.
  • NCDC
    • OZONE Product with OSDPD, Donna McNamara - 3/2010. Expected to go into CLASS.
      • First time going through an appraisal process for data that may go in CLASS.
      • Discussed GOME Data Family associations.
    • Clarified with Anna about metadata development for CLASS. She said that there could be more collaboration with Data Center reps. NGDC is looking at getting a student to work on CLASS metadata records. She also emphasized that the CLASS metadata records should be maintained in one place eventhough different data center reps work on them.
    • NetCDF format problems for GSIP data. Axel Graumann was contacted by a user who detected a problem reading GSIP data formatted in a 1-dimensional array within a NetCDF file.
  • NODC
    • Working with John Sapper/OSDPD on an AVHRR Product - Clear Sky Radiance (?)


    • COWG to meet Tues, 7/14. Tom Schott's ppt on archive interactions and tracking to be presented. Tess will send it out to the group.
    • Phil gave a presentation on where the interactions between project leads and the archives can take place.
    • Discussed the concern for tracking too many processes.
    • Discussed the ppt template process Tom S. uses for tracking information vs. some type of web form to collect information. Tess said it's something NODC is working on. The question is what activities stated in the SPSRB related to archive matters is tracked by the archive or a project lead.
    • Phil and Dan discussed what resources/costs will be needed to shepherd the overall process. This led into a discussion about budgeting. Dan talked about the spreadsheet program he obtained from GSFC that sheds some light on the costs to archive, end-to-end. He can send out some materials, links and do a presentation a future meeting.

Next Mtg.

  • Friday, July 24, 11 MST.