SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-08-14

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In Attendance

  • Phil Jones
  • Dan Kowal
  • Tess Brandon
  • Scott McCormick
  • Jeremy Throwe

Administrative Changes

  • Phil notified the group that a new hire is in place at NCDC to do metadata and SAs. Drew Saunders will be stepping down and the new hire will replace him.
  • Meeting frequency will change to 1x/month.

Template Review

  • Restricted Consumers. With the removal of this block from the Section 2, Jeremy was concerned about not having a designated space to capture any restriction and the handling thereof. We discussed Section 6.1.1 as a place to prompt SA authors to capture this kind of information. Jeremy liked the idea of having some examples of types of restrictions in the instructions or description paragraph. Phil will also take a look at 6.1.3, "Dissemination Services" and see if modification is needed to capture details such as encryption.
  • Spatial Coverage for SpWx data sets.
    • Dan discussed what options exist for space wx data that NGDC handles quite extensively. The spatial coverage section in Section 3 is primarily for geospatial data and complies with the FGDC.
    • Phil reiterated that not all sections were for all data. When this occurs such as in the spwx case, "NA" can be the input value for the horizontal and vertical info fields.
    • Dan said he would consult with Anna as well as with SWPC with regard to best approaches here as SWPC has advocated different fields that are more relavant, but said they would comply with the FGDC.
  • Search and Display Sections, requirements for CLASS.
    • Scott reiterated that the SA is not a requirements document in the strictest sense, but explained that the act of filling out the SA will initiate the need to derive more formal requirements via other mechanisms.
    • IRDs and ICDs are vehicles for listing the requirements. CONOPs is usually the high level synopsis of how the two entities, Producer and Archive systems, interact with one another.
  • Contacts Consolidation.
    • Dan showed a prototype Contacts Section that captured role definitions separately and identified these roles per contact in a table matrix.
    • Group liked the consolidation but said that roles should be explicitly labeled and not identified as an ID number.
  • Group decided that follow-up reviews and edits to the SA will happen via email with a target to get a working version out the door by the end of the month. Dan and Phil will pass edits back and forth before submitting to the group for final input.


  • Did not have time to discuss, but will try to organize group consensus via email of what further actions needed, and proposal we can submit to the COWG. Dan will lead this effort.

Next Mtg.

  • Wednesday, September 16, 3 PM EST/ 1 PM MST.