SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-10-16

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In Attendance

  • Phil Jones
  • Dan Kowal
  • Tess Brandon
  • Jason Sharp (new from NCDC, working with Phil, present for 1st half)


  • NODC meeting with NDBC next week.
    • Reviewing data NODC gets from NDBC, looking at consolidation of data sets and formalizing arrangements via the new SA template; will see how flexible it is for this interaction.
    • Dan mentioned data sets already archived via previous SA interactions with NDBC.
    • Dan mentioned other metadata efforts for keeping track of station histories via the NCDC MMS/ISIS systems. Tess may want to review these with NDBC reps.

SA Template Review

  • Dan has updated instructions in current template, and will incorporate input from Phil and repost the wiki.
  • Dan used latest CORS SA transformation as an example.
    • Group discussed the use of shortnames for data set schedules for clarity sake.
    • Was a good example showing multiple submission sessions and SIPs.

Future topics

  • Review Records Appraisal Process and where this group can have some input.
    • Other templates
    • Clarify process, approvals, etc.... Some timing issues exist as to who to present a recommendation to first, the COWG or COPB.
  • What input can this group give to the SPSRB?
  • NCDC archive project tracking. Dan showed what he's done, utilizing the spreadsheets Phil set up in the KT, and managing progess information in a database.
  • Cost Modeling.

Next Meeting

  • Fri. Nov. 13, 11:00am MST.