SAWG MTG Minutes 2009-12-18

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In Attendance

  • Dan Kowal
  • Tess Brandon
  • Scott McCormick
  • Jeremy Throwe


  • NODC: Initiating discussion with the Chinese Govt. equivalent to NOAA for marine data. Will probably include a formal appraisal.
  • CLASS:
    • New data for GOME NO2 Product. Working with Phil and Donna McNamara.
    • 140 TB of Climate Model Data coming from NCDC.
      • Working on requirements; the schedule has been accelerated; want data delivery next month.
      • NCEP is listed in CLASS Level 1 Requirements and will not go through the formal appraisal process. Question came up about other model data that's wrapped up in this archive project (Lawrence Livermore and the Climate Prediction Center) - does it need to go through the formal appraisal? The volume will add u to 1.3 PB.
      • CLASS will store it and make available to NOMADS via OPENDap Server.
      • Volumes and OPENDAP are the biggest issues for CLASS.
      • Metadata issues will be handled outside of CLASS.
      • CLASS has jumped through similar hoops in the past, but volumes and complexity was less.
      • For the longterm, CLASS aims to make things more configurable to support these kinds of requests.
  • NGDC: Discussed recent OER interactions. Will need to differentiate needs for use of SIF vs. Submission Agreement in the archive process.

Archive Flowchart Process: Where to engage CLASS

  • In terms of obtaining rough budget information for data sets that are targeting CLASS as the backend IT infrastructure, the group came to consensus that the "Detailed Information" Box hanging off the "Conduct Formal Appraisal and Create Draft Recommendation Package" box is the place where engagement with CLASS would naturally take place.
  • Scott thought that something a little more formal, like an addendum to this Flowchart could explain the "how" and "what" of this interaction with CLASS. He mentioned that there is an action item for the Data Centers as an outcome of the Independent Review of CLASS for GOES-R that could be relevant here. The action item requires the Data Centers to develop a CONOPs for how the Data Centers will work with CLASS, fleshing out roles and responsibilities. This was mentioned at NCDC last week. At this point, it's not clear who is spearheading this, but the outcome of this effort could be a footnote to the flowchart.
  • For now, keep the current flowchart at a high-level.

Next Meeting

  • Fri. Jan. 15, 11:00am MST.