SAWG MTG Minutes 2010-01-15

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In Attendance

  • Dan Kowal
  • Anna Milan
  • Phil Jones
  • Tess Brandon
  • Scott McCormick
  • Jeremy Throwe


  • NODC: CoastWatch SeaWiFS ICD to CLASS.
  • NGDC: New VIPIRS (ionosonde) data to CLASS; initial meetings to gather info for rough estimates.
  • NCDC:
    • Reanalysis Model Data to CLASS.
      • Developing an initial requirements doc; have demostrated manifest creation, ftp push of data.
      • Phase 1: move 150 TB into CLASS.
    • Evaluating a new GOES Product for CLASS.
  • CLASS:
    • Status spreadsheets
      • Are they being maintained in KT?
      • NGDC has been using one within it's own folder, but not updating the main one.
      • NCDC is close to finishing an online status tracking form that might be an adequate replacement of the KT spreadsheets. Phil will aim to present this at the next meeting.
    • Metadata. Anna reported that all of the CLASS metadata has been translated to ISO, but some follow-up cleanup is going on. She will have stakeholders take a look at the new format. She has also developed an FAQ view of the metadata that's available here: [1]. There's still some contemplating for how to handle the Entity and Attributes from the FGDC.


  • Discussed timing of the due dates (end of March '10) for the SAs.
  • Will ask clarification about "draft" vs. "final" version that's due at this time, and re-emphasize the stature of the SA as a "living document."
  • Whenever the tiger team has its first meeting, seems like a good time to review and decide what's possible during this imposed deadline.
  • CLASS is out-of-pocket for the next couple of weeks before they could work on it.
  • Discussed examples to share with Harris, GOES-NOP from NGDC in the current template and the Jason Project in the older template.
  • Dan will send email out to Ananth expressing concerns.

Next Meeting

  • Fri. Feb. 19, 11:00am MST.