SAWG MTG Minutes 2010-04-16

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In Attendance

  • Dan Kowal
  • Phil Jones
  • Jeremy Throwe

GOES-R SA Review

  • Discussed the need to have another review session of the current version of the SA prior to the May 7 deadline.
  • Dan will schedule a mtg. for May 5 and send out an invitation to the last group of reviewers.
  • Discussed implications of the NCDC request for L-1A as opposed to L-0 going into the archive. It's highly complicated to create Level 1B from L0.

CLASS Topics

  • Phil is thinking about a putting in a CCR for creating a new data family for DMSP Netcdf data from NCDC.
  • Jeremy reviewed the process for submitting a CCR, but questioned the reasons behind breaking this out separately from the rest of the DMSP data types. Does coming from a different source justify the creation of a new data family?
  • Dan wondered if ISO would eventually take care of the parent-child relationship between all of these data types, and added that DMSP data from NGDC would eventually go into CLASS, some of it processed by NGDC, and should probably stay within the DMSP family.
  • Jeremy reviewed the mechanisms for pulling information from the abstracts from metadata created in the NMMR for creating the family descriptions in CLASS and may not always work well for a variety of data types within the family. He mentioned how CLASS has had to change the metadata once harvested from the NMMR.
  • Phil and Dan recommended that changes only be made in the editing repository and then dispersed from there to keep things in sync.
  • Jeremy said that the efforts with the new CLASS SE will fix a number of these issues.
  • Dan suggested that Anna Milan be enlisted to give input into the CLASS SE process and wondered if there's any documents or presentation material from last week's Developer's Workshop we could have access to. Jeremy will look into how to get this information to the group and agreed to getting Anna involved.

Archive Project Tracker

  • Dan and Phil reviewed some of Dan's recent input, and Phil clarified the intent behind some the interface elements and "gotchas" when specifying dates for certain tasks.
  • Dan provided Phil with input on ways to handled contacts and roles and how to apply them to the tasks.
  • Phil requested that Dan and Tess participate in a future technical session before the next Phase II release probably sometime in the May-June timeframe.

Next Meeting

  • May 21, 2010.