SAWG MTG Minutes 2010-05-21

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In Attendance

  • Dan Kowal
  • Phil Jones
  • Tess Brandon
  • Amy Pukl
  • Scott McCormick

Data Center Activities

  • NODC (Tess)
    • Reccomendation to COPB for Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Oceans (ACSPO) from OSDPD/STAR is caught in transition. Working through the formal appraisal and reccomendation package.
    • Frist Draft for Coastwatch is complete. Now working on the ICDs.
    • Coral Reef projects underway.
  • NCDC (Phil)
    • Discussed building templates to be filled from web form input as part of the Archive Tracker.
    • Working on climate model data sets (CFSR & 20th Century) - gathering archive reqs. - will send to Scott.
  • NGDC (Dan)
    • Discussed some outcomes at the R2R (Rolling Deck to Repository) Workshop in Boulder. Apparently, the SIPs they wish to deliver from the ships will contain PII information. NGDC looking into policies/practices for handling this info.
    • A ROM estimate from CLASS for the VIPER Ionosonde data is in process.

Initial Engagement with CLASS

  • Dan reviewed his process for contacting CLASS during the course of the appraisal process for the VIPIR data. He needed to obtain persmission from Rick before Scott and Stacy could initiate a ROM.
  • Amy explained how they need to define a minimum set of requirements for two components:
    • Hardware/infrastructure needed for the data volumes.
    • Labor
  • Scott would like to formalize the cost estimation process by either doing a full blown reqs gathering process for big projects like GOES-R or comparing the proposed data set to something already in CLASS and use an analogous approach to estimate.
  • Amy said that the request-to-archive questionnaires, SIFs help out a lot, but their main goal is to develop a Project Charter that also lists a set of assumptions.
  • ATRACK could come into play here - capturing enough high level information for a ROM or to fill the Project Charter.
  • Amy sent out an example Project Charter to the group. The Charter contains the following:
    • Launch pad for the RDT.
    • Provides scope, impacts, risks, constraints and assumptions to produce cost estimates.
  • NODC also generated costs for using local vs. CLASS. They use an Xcel-based tool broken into OAIS catagories. It's more qualitative, but is used as a point of comparison.

Archive Tracker

  • Phil said now's the time to give feedback in advance of the July release.
  • CLASS has an integrated task scheduler that tracks "requested", "approved" and "delivery date" for each request.
  • Perhaps, ATRACK can record high level milestones.


  • Reviewed past week's interaction with the tiger team as we did not see all of our suggestions applied to latest version of the SA. Apparently Harris did not receive any of the comments prior to the meeting. Still being reviewed by GSP.
  • After PDR, the SA becomes ours.

Next Meeting

  • June 18, 2010.