SAWG MTG Minutes 2011-01-14

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In Attendance

  • Dan Kowal
  • Anna Milan
  • Phil Jones
  • Jason Sharp
  • Tess Brandon
  • Jeremy Throwe (at end of mtg.)

Data Center Activities

  • NODC
    • ACSPO. Although approved back in June, no action taken yet. Timeline presented as follow-up to this week's COWG Mtg. Nancy Ritchey contacted Don Mack and Tino again to get the ball rolling. Received positive response. ATRAC could be a tool for tracking events associated with an archive project. A future discussion could focus on what kinds of things constitues an "event" that should be tracked.
  • ISO to CLASS topic.
    • This tracking discussion brought up another issue that's not "archive project" specific, but more of tracking proposed operational changes to CLASS. Anna had submitted an official work request to transfer ISO Support to CLASS and never received any feedback once submitted until she got an email from George Mundy(Sp?) from CLASS about ISO implications for the NEAAT development.
    • Phil said that only certain elements of ISO could be used by CLASS. What do the changes really mean?
    • Anna: There are particular fields used from FGDC for the currect search capabilities. ISO would be the same thing, just some changes behind the scene - porting to a different xpath. Plus, a link to the full ISO metadata record would be made available. The idea is not to rock the boat with these changes, but aim for a seamless transition.
    • Anna submitted the work request via Stacy Ziegler in order to get into their development cycle.
    • Phil suggested that Anna let Greg know that the contents can be translated to FGDC. He said that getting some official response back would be nice.
  • NCDC
    • New Request to Archive for GHCN in a new format. It's a legacy data set; there's a change in the processing. Need to identify all of the source data that contributed to the product.
    • Integrated Surface Data (ISD). There's a request in for this data set as well. Archive and allow access to intermediate process files for this data set. Documenting it in an SA. In terms of retention, the intermediate files will have value as long as the processing is in place and the products are supported.
    • Was unable present the Total Precip Blended Product to the COWG this past meeting due to weather closure at work. He needs to include a cost estimate; will get with Ed Kearns; and send to COWG next mtg. Needs to confer with Amy Pukl on the budget numbers in the Project Charter with the goal of making the numbers more objective, less subjective. The figures came from Tino.


  • Group reviewed recent request from STAR on status of archiving L1, L2 (EDRs, SDRs) and NUPS (NDE Products?) -- some of which are mapped to MIRS. Some are new.
  • An SA was created a while ago by Drew Saunders.
  • Anna did a mapping of what was covered in this SA - although Scott had reported to Dan that this one was out of date. Question is whether or not can the new items be grandfathered in with the identified set in the SA?
  • A subset of these items are NDE-related. CLASS has an ICD (albeit not fully fleshed out) with NDE. May not want to start with this existing SA for these new items. One key issue that needs to be resolved is to be clear about what the Archive/CLASS can support for the turn-around data delivery time frame. STAR has identified a 1-2 hr requested timeframe whereas the CLASS system can support 8 hrs.
  • Phil said what's needed at this point is a preliminary assessment of the products list. What's NDE vs. NPP? What's to be grandfathered, what's not?
  • NODC has some responsibility for some of the NUPs.
  • Brian Merandi and Geoff Goodrum have been involved with these projects.
  • It's hard to dive in before an official SA is established.
  • Scott Hausman has asked John Bates and Ed Kearns to look into handling this w/in the realm of the COWG.

Next topics and meeting time

  • Next Mtg. February 11, 2011.
  • Jeremy proposed: The changing relationship between CLASS and the Data Centers and between the Data Centers themselves in light of the restructuring that is placing CLASS under NCDC.