SAWG MTG Minutes 2011-10-14

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In Attendance

  • Dan Kowal
  • Anna Milan
  • Phil Jones
  • Scott McCormick
  • Jonathan Blythe
  • Gregg Foti

SAWG - Name Change?

  • Group consensus to keep it the same even though the focus has shifted into other archive matters.


  • Scott: Class team in boulder.
    • starting a new contract year. aligns with the govt. fy.
    • began ingesting CORS data; 1st NGDC stewarded data into CLASS.
    • main thing CLASS team is working on is NPP launch. 10/27.
    • also supporting the effort for ingesting GOeS-R for 2015.
    • NODC may be interested in this CY - changes for Jason-3, related enhancements for Jason 2, 5.5.3 rel. in March.
  • Anna: NGDC in boulder. Managing metadata going into CLASS for about 5 years; last 2 years translated to ISO; past summer, CLASS integrated the ISO formatted metadata into their systems, and transferring authority to the other data centers for managing the metadata.
  • Phil: NCDC, focus on new data acquisition. requirements, SAs, … Cover model data, insitu data and major satellite campaigns.
    • Continuing to work on the CSF model data for NCDC. Now looking at formally approving for the operational data that began in April of this past year. Coming from NCEP operations. Will work on 20th Century Reanalysis data with NGDC, working the logistics, data flow through the NGDC node.
    • Raw data records for GCOM, requirements for CLASS almost done.
    • NDE - approval phase for the ICD. CLASS requirements for MIRS almost approved. Scott: the CLASS CCB approved the reqs for MIRS and Jaxa GCOMW. Still waiting for signatures. Still some uncertainty about algorithms; the changes will be in effect in release 5.5.3.
    • ATRAC - work on the development of this archive project tracking tool. Working on a new release for the web forms and have a simplified web form to create metadata. Next release may be delayed, but targeting November. Plan is to output an XML file. Idea is to use it as a starting point. Probably use ATRAC information with other tools used to generate SAs, metadata, etc…. It's an information gathering tool.
  • Dan.
    • Acts in a data administrative role and performs similar functions to Phil.
    • Mention projects this year in implementing Geoportal and investigation DOI usage for the data set collections.
  • NODC:
    • Jonathan: Data content manager; archive data sets and metadata; Ocean Color is his main responsibility. Will be an intermittent participant. Can talk about Geoportal. It's live in a soft launch, will forward an email.
    • Gregg: Relatively new at NODC, replacing Tess. Don't know what NODC needs to do for GOES-R. At what level engagement needed in the SA process? What is their role? Recently at the PODAC at JPL.


  • Dan gave an update about the history of SA process with Harris.
  • Phil: To Gregg's question: There are Ocean related SST that are ABI derived, L2, 3 or 4 that would be of interest to NODC.
  • Phil: Normally, we ask the Provider to follow the SA. In GOES-R, its a very different case because were working with the GS (Ground Segment). It's not the GS, but future interaction is with NASA and updating things like the DTWT - data table. Good that we separated the SA out from their contract deliverables; and can separate them out further when we get to 2016.
  • Dan/Phil: What we learned yesterday (GOES-R Archive IPT Mtg), we can configure to exclude certain data if we wanted going to CLASS. NCDC and NODC are looking at L2 prods, NC may not want to receive every L2 products. Don't know how that works for CLASS that's configured to take all of the data from GOES.
  • Scott: The understanding is that CLASS would be receiving everything, then the DCs don't want to archive everything, then we'd have to adjust.
  • Phil: How does it affect the CLASS node CDR?
  • Scott: It's scheduled for the spring, and would have to show that we are prepared for the data volumes.
  • Dan: The DCs have requested certain items to be part of the SA deliverables, which is now considered to be the canonical document for the archived data objects. Mission notices and system heath info was one of the categories of items. Discussed how NPP is receiving mission notices, and wonder what the petition process is for getting these into CLASS.
  • Phil: Discussed how intermediated prod files, L0 to L1B - L1A files that may be wanted by the archive, but were excluded due to volume. Some data that's not going to CLASS is Sectorized data for AWIPS. He also discussed the evolving situation of the GRB Info Packet where data quality (system health) can be derived.
  • Gregg: Instrument health, we definitely want.
  • Jonathan: Perhaps NODC could play a role through their accession system to store mission notices as a temporary measure.

GOES-R Metadata

  • Phil: Originally was going to be a separate metadata record accompanying the data. Last year, the DCs voiced a separate opinion to not do this. Want the metadata in the product file, NetCDF4. The DEWG has been focussing on the design and how that would look in delivering ISO 19115 standard. Just this week, the decision was formally made to change these requirements to not send a separate file. They will periodically send a static collection level metadata record, a series of metadata as xml files. Currently, the model is in review. Have another meeting next week to review a second round of comments.