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In Attendance

  • Dan Kowal
  • Phil Jones, Heather Brown and Jason Sharp
  • Anna Milan
  • Scott McCormick
  • Jonathan Blythe


  • NODC.
    • Jonathan needed information about submission agreements, obtaining ones that involve CLASS, as data producers are sending him updated ones. He's taken over for Tess Barndon to oversee these documents.
    • Scott showed him where these documents (Ocean Color) are kept in KT. He will look into getting Jonathan, Greg Foti and Deirdre Byrne accounts in KT. He'll send him the most recent one he has for Ocean Color.
    • Jonathan is also interested in obtaining the ICD (for Ocean Color?). Scott said to ask Deepaka for that.
  • NCDC
    • Engaged in a lot of SA work lately.
    • They have recently started a document library system to track progress of SAs. It's a homegrown solution (shared disk) until their systems folks find a more permanent solution.
    • They are setting up a data submission review board that will review the submission agreements, approve them and baseline them. Once baselined, they could put the document in KT.
    • Phil checked in about the "unfunded" project proposals slated for the upcoming COWG Mtg. The data providers have been waiting awhile for a decision. Dan explained that VIPIR should be part of this list. The issue is one of funding them at the COPB level. COWG, for the most part, has approved these archive project proposals. Hopefully some good discussion will come out of the COWG mtg.
  • NGDC
    • Discussed Data Center Migration activities (Finalizing Scope document and Checklist).
    • Covered GOES-R document review schedule going on. Received confirmation that any changes to the SA have to go through the GSP CCB process - submitted to Temp Johnson. Phil understands the need for coordination, but wondered why any formal approval is needed through the CCB as these documents are owned by the data centers. Dan emphasized that the SA is still a document needed by CLASS; thus the need for coordination. At any rate, Dan to coordinate with Phil when to submit changes. Still slating April, 2012 for the delivery of the update.
    • Asked about the 20th Century project. Phil said that it's on hold as many of the key folks are tied up in issues related with the CFS data. There was supposed to be a follow-up meeting in December. He'll cehck with Nancy.
  • CLASS (Scott)
    • Working the data center migration projects.
      • Received Scope definition for NODC.
      • Migration Plan worked out with NCDC. Will focus on NCEP Wx Charts and documents as the 1st data set to migrate; will occur in the 5.5.3 release.
    • A follow-on Machine-2-Machine TIM will take place in late January, 2012 for GOES-R for Search and Access.

Next Meeting

  • Friday, January 13, 2012.