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In Attendance

  • Dan Kowal
  • Phil Jones, Heather Brown
  • Anna Milan
  • Scott McCormick
  • Jeremy Throwe


  • Dan will arrange mtg. with Jonathan Darnell and Mary Shouldis w/ CLASS to begin capturing requirements about browse.
  • Will need to capture this in the SA.

GOES-R: Mission Data

  • Mission data is of interest to the spwx scientists. Thought all of the mission data going to GAS was also being archived (which it is not).
  • GAS - more current info in the GAS ICD. (Ask Temp Johnson); may be a source of information describing what's contained in mission data.
  • GRB stream - not being archived; PUG has info on it. Should also have info about what's going into GAS.
  • DID - document that defines (document item description. dictates the formats.)
  • There is some overlap going to CLASS and GAS. McCIDAS; mission notice; sample outlier files and not.

NCDC updates

  • DC Director Mtg. in Asheville.
  • CLASS PM (Tino and Don) meeting with NCDC management planning session.
  • DC Migration, higher priority, accelerated schedule.
    • Scoping always funny. Always bringing in new data sets.
  • CLASS task for the metadata WAF harvest. All three data cetners. Mostly successful. Some qs about ASCPO; web page content populations from the NG/NO metadata; not sure what the issues were.
  • CLASS Access TIM. Sched. for T jan 31, W feb. 1. Talking to Nancy and Jay about what's on the agenda: access, m2m, requirements, handling/processing; order prioritization; shift of focum
  • CLASS is meeting weds to finalize it.
  • M2M will be minimized to an extent; Greg Mundy was going to give a presentation about the nature of the information that is needed; what's being looked for. DC counterparts would spend time and thoughts as a follow-on.
  • Regular SA work, we made an effort of all of the dcs developed in house but not archived; wanting to draft SAs and get them archived; this weds, through the climate assessment work, the next publication, planning on using 150 data sets; not sure how this is going to work. Scott: a plan, anything that's new after some date, may have to impose a restriction. They want to bring in these climate data sets this spring.
  • Readiness review mtg; 1st time where we look at a new data set and review with the branches and the provider before it goes in; baselines the SA; about every month; Heather: due to that process, including all branches in that meeting; vers. 2/3 of the data set; sets the standards for future versions.


SA for GOES-R: April delivery; yes; possibly run earlier drafts through this group. Process to run them through. outside the GS process; still need to coordinate with GS; still want the SAs to go through some review board; clearly identification of DI and supplied through the metadata up. Dan to coordinate with Phil; next month.


  • Nothing much to add about accelerated migration. Coming out of that, expecting that we'll get contract mods. Not sure what the turn-around time period will be.
  • Implementing in 5.5.3, a new ingest report; doing some testing with NG/NC in February; have a couple of things working on: updating and baseline the two ICDs. Expecting to have signatures soon w/ NC; working with NG to coordinate the changes in the ICD. Want to present to the CLaSS CCB on Feb. 14. Would like to capture desirables in a separate document - new requirements captured and put in their requiremetns tracking system.
  • Testing in Feb. Since it's a new process, we're providing access to the DCs; will have an external test readiness review (Rob, Dan, Ernie); have a checklist that both sides of the interfaces are ready. All of the functionality is there and ready to be tested - Feb. 6. Testing will start Feb. 8.
  • NODC: a few meetings last couple of weeks with CLASS, how they might make use of CLASS storage; Kern has facilitated those; Tino ...have attended some. System Engineers, Scott and Deirdre ; may have an impact on how data is migrated.

Unfunded Datasets

  • VIPIR and other unfunded data sets. ClASS does not have answer about how these will be handled along with the current data holdings that need to be migrated.