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In Attendence

  • Chris Jumper
  • Phil Jones
  • Heather Brown
  • Anna Milan
  • Jonathan Blythe
  • Scott McCormick
  • Jeremy Throwe
  • Lea Crandall

CLASS (Scott/Jeremy)

  • Testing w/ DCs for rel. 5.5.3. W/ NCDC, testing wx charts data and new injest rpt.; and regression testing with NG: ingest status report in the PaL (performance and load) environment; this week and next.
  • TIM last week in Asheville about data migration; possibilitiy of accellerated schedule; but now hearing it's back to 2015, though some priorities might shift.
  • GOES-R Realm. Management mtg w/ GSP. Discussion about the scope of the review of the interface CDR. Will be expanded. Will cover the ingest and archive side more fully. May cover data management. Interface CDR; Archive and Access CDR with a diminished scope beacuse most of it will be covered in the INterface CDR. The Program has asked for a more increased scope. Theere will be some negotiation to get down to the specifics. Targeting May 22-23 for the interface CDR. Will be in DB HQ in Silver Spring, MD.

NODC (Jonathan).

  • Still trying to target this group with what's relavant with you guys. Fairly small roll with Ocean Color.
  • Talking more about how we'll access data if migrate to CLASS. Mirrors of CLASS data. Cloud discussion.
  • COastwatch wants access to their data from CLASS; seamless between CLASS and the cloud as these services come online.
  • Tough funding environment; paying less attention to archiving project.
  • They have some legacy products (Modis and SeaWiffs); Can he do under the same SA to add the VIRS? File size wont change that much.
    • Scott: The SA agreement is not a CLASS owned document, so it's up to the data centers. There is another satellite (MIRS); update the SA, it's fine to CLASS.
    • Jon: Trying to get from Depika what the limits (phyiscial - size?) for the existing data stream.
    • Scott: Don't want to put limits on the products, not surprised from VIRS. Need to know what we're talking about. Tracking information: ATRAC; SA - review cycle;
    • The SA is a result of the negotiations. At NCDC, we have drafts of the SA that we iterate on, have preliminary reviews, and baseline it. Check it out when it needs to be modified. Have it reviewed and rebaselined. If the provider changes, major differences, then maybe a new SA is needed.


  • Metadata workshop next week. Looking at what are all of the metadata systems in NCDC; who are all of the people involved; follow-on meeting to Oct. Looking at customization to the Portal. Will share out next time. Everyone is invited within NCDC to attend these meetings. Christina Leif is the primary contact.
  • SA: there's going to be a change in IMMA extended data that gets amended to the ICO-APS(?); transitioning to another group; New inputs. Major change to the SA.
  • Had the Aerospace visit this past week. Interested in the SOPs related to SAs and interactions with Providers. Gave them examples of all agreements in use. They understand the problem and the needs at each dc.
  • Migration: minimizing configurable ingest to support migration.
  • ATRAC: next release next month. Includes the metadata form.

NGDC: (Anna, Dan)

  • Rolling out Geoportal.
  • All of the metadata is off the NMMR.
  • CLASS metadata has been moved to the appropriate WAFS per data center since end of January. Harvesting have been synchronized.
  • Data managers transitioning to ISO.
  • Finishing up the first in-house SA for our DEM group.

GOES-R: Descriptive Information / DIP Aggregation by CLASS.

  • Read metadata (DI) from the embedded file. Harder. Don't give up the ghost just yet. Class. Change in the file nameing convention. Take it to the Archive IRMT. How can they code if they havent' gone to CDR.
  • Aggregation: much less of success to aggregate. Thought it was done about a year ago. But doesn't mean that it needs to be this way. GSP is supporse to act as the middle man to provide guidance to Harris. So bring it up to them. Raise it on the Ingest side. Send email to Jeremy. UOR-9 req. in func req. binned over to the data centers. Lot of questions regarding dissemination.
    • NCDC okay with the aggregation with the ABI and GLM; but wondering about the extraction of DI.
    • CLASS: is it plausible to get all of the metadata from the DI? We'll use the SA agreement to capture.
    • But what goes into the SA, metadata attribute extraction falls into BIN 1. We'll have to review the funct. reqs. Would it be valuable to have the DI section in the SA separated for DI applicable to BIN 1 vs BIN 3. Phil will have more to discuss once he gets more into the SA.

==Archive Migration to CLASS.== 

  • NGDC exploring efficiencies for how we're going to migrate data holdings by 2015. May have to streamline the DI process, What ClASS holds vs. the Data Center.