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This space is used for SAWG Members to list topics they wish to discuss at the monthly meetings.


  • Sharing what's going on in our worlds of archive requests, appraisals, and SAs.
  • GOES-R:
    • Submission Agreements - necessary content updates; related source documents; intended purpose for CLASS CDR
    • CLASS Descriptive Information from netCDF attributes
    • L1B algorithm packages and GS processing questions
  • SA. Current usage. Are there mods needed? Do some alternatives strategies come into play for less complex data sets? How does CLASS use the SA since it is primarily between the data provider and data center? NCDC to share an abbreviated version of SA template.
  • ATRAC Release 2.1 (Mar 4):
    • Overview - status & features
    • Archive Guidelines page feedback
    • It's utilization for tracking archive projects, especially for CLASS, and within the context of Archive Appraisal/Approval Process.
    • Handling permissions to view project and contact information
    • Initial group review for scope, clarity, use, logical rules, etc. wanted by next week (Mar 18) for any considerations in Release 2.2 (schedule for Release 2.2 sent via email)
  • What to Archive Process. Additional steps to add to the Flow Chart? E.g., the development work that happens after approval and before ingest, and the long-term stewardship after data transfer.
  • Step-by-step process to develop new data support. What is the sequence and timing of the CLASS development steps? What kind of timing expectations can we give providers at the time of the initial request?
  • The changing relationship between CLASS and the Data Centers and between the Data Centers themselves in light of the restructuring that is placing CLASS under NCDC.
  • NPP EDRS and NUPs