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* [[Purgatory Record Transition]]
[[Category: NMMR Transition]]
[[Category: NMMR Transition]]

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Off NMMR to new WAFs

Status Date Transition Status* NNMR Recordset NMMR Delete** SVN New WAF URL Old WAF URL Notes
3/21/2011in progressNGDC* IDB table, many data managers need to transition
4/26/2011completeHazard_PhotosNOAA/NESDIS/NGDC/MGG/Hazard_Photos/fgdc/xml record set - pulled out of the NGDC record set
3/21/2011in progressNESDIS Products Peng, Francine Coloma records translation to ISO. SatProd DB?
4/26/2011completeCSC Lidar
4/26/2011in progressCSC IfSAR WAF for IfSAR, Old WAF does not exist
3/21/2011in progressNOSA
3/21/2011not startedGeomag Stations
3/21/2011not startedIonosonde Stations
3/21/2011not startedSolar ObservatoryNO
3/21/2011completeDART_BPR to keep old WAF for DART users, they download metadata files from OLD WAF directory
4/26/2011completeNGDC - MGG - DEM
3/21/2011not startedNGDC - MGG - Multibeam Survey
3/21/2011in progressNGDC - MGG - NOSAll Deleted from NMMR/NGDC_-_MGG_-_NOSneed to move metadata to SVN and new WAF
4/26/2011completeNGDC - MGG - Marine Geology
7/14/2011in progressNCDC RSE from Paleo group to delete metadata records
7/15/2011completeNSIDC copies to NSIDC- they confirmed deletion is ok.

* Completed transition = all records in an NMMR record set are deleted and published to SVN/WAF.
** the IDB displays of recordsets in the NMMR show "owner"- this may differ from the metadata contact.

NGDC Recordset Breakdown

IDB Search Interface

Report Date MD Contact (if different) Record Owner Draft Validated Approved Published Purgatory
7/8/2011Carla Moore11
7/8/2011Daniel C. Wilkinson15
7/8/2011Barry EakinsDavid Schoolcraft21
7/8/2011Dave Fischman11
7/8/2011Solar Data ManagerEdward H. Erwin5313
7/8/2011Fran Coloma2
7/8/2011Bathymetric Data Acquisition Program ManagerJames Bunn1
7/8/2011John Campagnoli3
7/8/2011Justin Mabie425
7/8/2011Edward H. Erwin, Rob Redmon, Solar Data Manager, Karen E. HoranKaren E. Horan1033
7/8/2011Kelly, Paula Dunbar, Kelly Stroker15
7/8/2011Lisa A. Taylor322
7/8/2011Paula K. Dunbar 2810
7/8/2011Kelly Stroker?MetaStar Administrator1
7/8/2011Rob Redmon11213
7/8/2011Robin R. Warnken2339
7/8/2011Susan J. McLean71163
7/8/2011Tatiana Sazonova4
7/8/2011Bill Denig1
7/8/2011MB Data Manager Bill Virden2
7/8/2011Robin Warnken (G00931)Barry W. Eakins2412
7/8/2011?Ben Tuttle21
7/8/2011Ms. Jill Caldwell (G10130)Don Herzog12
7/8/2011NOS Data ManagerGregg Glover3
7/8/2011Robin Warnken (G01167,G00978), Kineman, George F. Sharman (G02118)temp during import5302
7/8/2011Paula Dunbar (G01139), MB Data Manager (G01034), Paula ? (BATUID 2566)A record owner with no permissions whatsoever21892
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