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Natural Hazards slide show.
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Natural Hazards Data, Images and Education

The National Geophysical Data Center archives and assimilates tsunami, earthquake and volcano data to support research, planning, response and mitigation. Long-term data, including photographs, can be used to establish the history of natural hazard occurrences and help mitigate against future events.

Data and Information
Wildfire Interactive Maps
DMSP Special Projects (nighttime lights, fire detection and power outages)
Geothermal Energy Information
Images and Posters
Natural Hazard Images
Tropical Cyclone Images
Shield Volcanoes of Hawaii Poster
Stratovolcanoes of the World Poster
Global Tsunami Poster (300 mb)
Tsunami Sources Icosahedron (2.6 mb)
Significant Earthquakes 2150 BC to AD 2013 Poster (15 mb)
Significant Volcanic Eruptions 4360 BC to AD 2013 Poster (1 mb)
Educational Materials
Kid's Hazards Quiz
Teachers Guide to Stratovolcanoes
Tsunami Science on a Sphere (SOS)