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NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) and
World Data Service for Geophysics
Archive Responsibilities
for Marine Geological and Geophysical Data

Guidelines for contributing Marine Geological and Geophysical Data to NCEI

NCEI (formerly NGDC) is the national long-term archive for data and metadata pertaining to underway geophysical data and marine geological samples collected with US National Science Foundation (NSF) funds. This role is outlined in NSF11060 Policy for Oceanographic Data.

According to the NSF Guide to Programs, the NSF's Marine Geology and Geophysics Program

"Supports research on the structure of continental margins, oceanic rise systems, and deep-sea sedimentary basins; evolution of ocean basins; processes controlling exchanges of heat and chemical elements between seawater and oceanic rocks; tectonic and volcanic activity at mid-ocean ridges; chemical and mineralogic variations in marine sediments; deposition, erosion, and distribution of marine sediments; geologic and oceanographic processes controlling sedimentary systems; past oceanic circulation patterns and climates; evolution of microfossil groups; paleoenvironmental controls on fossil groups and sediment types; and interactions of continental and oceanic geologic processes."

NCEI also acts as an international data archive and exchange point for data in the World Data System, operating the World Data Service for Geophysics.