IBCAO Google Earth Objects

posted May 5, 2008

Download KMZ files

Images of the new IBCAO Version 2.0 have been prepared as .kmz files for Google Earth.

Note that Google Earth does not handle bathymetric grids at present, and that these .kmz files consist only of images of the new IBCAO bathymetry. These will be draped over the current bathymetry in Google Earth, which at this stage portrays ETOPO2 everywhere except the Arctic Ocean, which is rendered with IBCAO Version 1.0.

Note also that Google Map does not properly render high latitudes in high resolution, causing significant distortion in the appearance of the Arctic seabed above about 80 degrees. To obtain a full-resolution portrayal of the Arctic Ocean seabed, use the Polarstereographic IBCAO products.

The apparent mismatch of the northern coastline of Greenland as seen in Google Earth is due to the fact that IBCAO incorporates the new updated coastline from the Danish National Survey and Cadastre, in which previous datum problems have been corrected.