IBCAO Version 1.0

created July 11, 2001

1 min Geographic Grid: Contours | Grids | Plots & Images

2.5 km Polarstereographic Grid: Contours | Grids | Plots & Images

For a full listing of compilers, notes, data types and subdirectories, please see the README file. Bathymetric plot images are available with or without legends; versions with legends include "_legend" in the file name. For details about the grid compilation and format, see the Technical User's Guide (PDF) and the May 2001 Meeting Notes (PDF).

Compilers: Martin Jakobsson and Norman Cherkis. With contributions from: Harald Brekke, Bernard Coakley, David Divins, Valery Fomchenko, Garrik Grikurov, Jennifer Harding, Hilmar Helgason, Martin Klenke, Ron Macnab, Sergei Maschenkov, Morten Sand, Hans-Werner Schenke, and John Woodward (Institutional affiliations).

Disclaimer: The IBCAO bathymetric model is not to be used for navigational purposes. The bathymetry in shallow coastal areas, where the coastline is complex, may be significantly distorted because of lack of data and the 2.5 km (Polarsterographic) or 1 min (Geographic) grid resolution. Near shore contours have been removed in areas with sparse source data.

Map sheet division in subdirectory structure:
Sheet1: lon 0-90°E lat 64-90°N
Sheet2: lon 90-180°E lat 64-90°N
Sheet3: lon 180°W-90°W lat 64-90°N
Sheet4: lon 90°W-0° lat 64-90°N

Notes: The polarstereographic maps reach further south than 64°N in one of the corners (53°:49' :1.4687''N). All contours were derived using Intergraphs Terrain Analyst. GMT Color Table