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Gloucester Bathymetry / Fishing map (F74)

National Ocean Service (NOS) Office of Coast Survey
U.S. Bathymetric & Fishing Maps

NCEI is the official distribution point for NOS bathymetric maps, bathymetric/fishing maps, regional maps, geophysical maps, and preliminary maps.

Paper maps are no longer available

Map Types

Bathymetric Maps

Topographic maps of the sea floor. Detailed depth contours provide the size, shape and distribution of underwater features. The map serves as a tool for performing scientific, engineering, marine geophysical and environmental studies, that are required in the development of energy and marine resources.

Topo/Bathy Maps

Detailed multipurpose maps of NOS bathymetry and US Geological Survey (USGS) land topography. Maps support the Coastal Zone Management and Energy Impact Programs and the offshore oil and gas program. They may also be used by land-use planners, conservationists, oceanographers, marine geologists, and those interested in the coastal zone and the Outer Continental Shelf's (OCS) physical environment. All 1:250,000 and 1:1000,000 maps are overprinted with the Minerals Management Service's OCS Protraction Diagram data.

Bathy Fishing Maps

Topographic maps of the sea floor, produced at a 1:100,000 scale that contain Loran-C rates, bottom sediment types and known bottom obstructions. This product is intended to aid fishermen and those needing seafloor features and potential fishing grounds.

Geophysical Maps

Each consist of three sheets (a base bathymetric map, a magnetic map, and a gravity map), and where practicable a sediment overprint (NOS 1308N-17S). The bathymetric map, when combined with the other three maps, serves as a base for making geological-geophysical studies of the oceans bottom's crustal geophysical data for the Continental Shelf and slope. The SEAMAP SERIES at a scale of 1:1,000,000, covers geophysical data gathered in the deep-sea area, sometimes including the adjacent Continental Shelf and Slope.

Preliminary Maps

Bathymetric maps that have been compiled, but are not published. NOAA provides blackline copies of compilation manuscripts for bathymetric maps that were left in the production process but are sufficiently developed to include accurate bathymetric data. There are no plans to have these maps published.

Regional Maps

1:1,000,000 scale maps compiled from 1:250,000 scale bathymetric maps.