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World Data Service for Geophysics


Search NCEI's Marine Trackline Geophysics database to find all gravity data, as well as bathymetry, magnetics, and seismic navigation data collected during marine cruises from 1953 to the present. Coverage is worldwide. Data sources include both US and foreign oceanographic institutions and government agencies.

Gravity Reports, Posters, and Data Products - Marine and Non-Marine

Data Download: Antarctic airborne gravity data (2008)

Free-Air Gravity Anomalies Over the Thwaites Glacier Catchment, West Antarctica. Diehl, et al., 2008.

Data Download: Gravity Data - Land and Marine (1999)

Collection of land and marine gravity surveys, grids, models and geoids. Access software and data documentation included.

CD-ROM: Aeromagnetic and Bouger Gravity Data from Bolivia (1999)

Bolivian altiplano and Cordillera Occidental, Bolivia, aeromagnetic and gravity data.

A polar stereographic view of seafloor topography from 30 deg. to 70 deg. south latitude estimated from satellite altimetry data and extent, acoustic bathymetry. Size: 36 x 48 inches.

Gravity Field Atlas of the Southern Ocean (1992) (Report MGG-7): High resolution gravity fields for the Southern Ocean from GEOSAT satellite radar altimeter data. The circum-Antarctic region between 60 deg. S & 72 deg. S is divided into 6 geographic regions.