Great Lakes Data Rescue Project - Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair Bathymetry

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vector data files are available only on the CD-ROM

ARC/INFO® interchange files for line and polygon covers and ASCII longitude, latitude, depth files derived from the line covers are available on the CD-ROM. A Lake Erie coastline file extracted from the NOS Medium Resolution Vector Shoreline is also available in both file formats. (Please note that the files erie_pol.e00 and epol_pc.e00 include the coastline, while the files erie_lin.e00, eln_pc.e00 and erie_lin.dat do not.)

The erie_lin.e00, erie_pol.e00 and erie_cst.e00 files are UNIX formatted. The elin_pc.e00, epol_pc.e00 and ecst_pc.e00 files are PC formatted.

To download the ARC/INFO® interchange files directly to your hard drive first set the MIME type to text/plain, the file suffix to .e00, and choose the 'save to disk' option. Please refer to your browser's documentation for help on how to do this. To download the .dat files, hold your mouse button down on the link corresponding to the file you want to download and choose the 'save link as' option.

ARC/INFO® interchange

file description file name formatting approximate size
line cover files/erie_lin.e00 UNIX 33.3 Mbytes
line cover files/elin_pc.e00 PC 33.3 Mbytes
polygon cover files/erie_pol.e00 UNIX 15.3 Mbytes
polygon cover files/epol_pc.e00 PC 15.3 Mbytes
line cover files/erie_cst.e00 UNIX 2.2 Mbytes
line cover files/ecst_pc.e00 PC 2.2 Mbytes


file description file name approximate size
contours from line cover files/erie_lin.dat 17.5 Mbytes
Erie coastline file files/erie_cst.dat 0.98 Mbytes

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