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11.F. Header Files and Associated Files

GLOBE's Web site and CD-ROM version contain header files for GRASS, Idrisi, ESRI's Arc/INFO and ArcView formats, plus metadata in the formats of the Global Change Master Directory .dif, and Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). Each header is a separate file. The .dif and FGDC files describe the entire data base, and have their own naming conventions. The other headers are different for each tile, and have the same naming convention as described in Sections 11.A and B.

The FGDC metadata information for GLOBE Version 1.0 is contained in Appendix C. The Global Change Master Directory .dif file is also given in Appendix C.

11.F.ii. Idrisi Headers and Associated Files
11.F.iii. GRASS Headers and Associated Files
11.F.iv. Arc/INFO & ArcView Headers and Associated Files


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