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11.G.xi. Importing into Other Software Packages

Sections 11.G.iv through 11.G.x give specific examples for representative geographic information systems, image processing systems, and a graphics program. If you are using a different application, we hope that:

  • The examples may still give you an idea of how to import GLOBE data into your particular application.
  • The header files for the given examples may be useful for importing into your application. For example, some applications use GRASS, Idrisi, or other headers to help import GLOBE data.

    Although we cannot describe how to ingest GLOBE data into every available GIS, we are happy to post methods for ingestion into other software packages if you submit them to us (with your name, postal address, and email address and/or fax number). We regret that we will not be able to support users of other systems which we may not have. However, the support personnel for your particular software package should be able to help you, as the structure of GLOBE data is typical of many raster gridded data.


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