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5.A.x. Map for Part of Peru

Primary Developer: tab Ministerio de Guerra, Peru
Title: tab Mapa Fisico Politico del Peru
Publication Date: tab 1984
Bibliographic Citation: tab Ministerio de Guerra, 1984. Mapa Fisico Politico del Peru. Ministerio de Guerra, Lima, Peru.
Post-processing: tab Geographical Survey Institute (GSI, Japan) and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for GTOPO30.
Bibliographic Citation
for Post-processed DEM:
* Ministerio de Guerra, GSI and USGS, 1997. 30"-gridded DEM from Peruvian Maps. USGS, EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Source/Lineage Category: tab 17

* Primary reference citation for this source

Small areas of a 1:1,000,000-scale map, entitled Ministerio de Guerra Mapa Fisico Politico del Peru, produced in 1984, were adapted for digitizing to fill gaps in source data for South America. The map had a contour interval of 1000 meters. Digitizing was done by the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan.

USGS used ANUDEM-based contour-to-grid techniques to create DEMs from these digitized map areas. That procedure is described in Section 5.A.vii.

computed icon Cell-center registration; contour-to-grid value computed.

Graphic describing georeferencing and sampling for Peru map conversion.

plate29a icon
Plate 29.
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to view larger size.
tab Plate 29 has broad peaks and sharp spikes at increments of 1000m, with a subsidiary peak/spike at 500m, and few values below 400m. The latter is consistent with the coverage of this data set, which includes no coastal areas.


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