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5.B.iii. Georeferencing of GLOBE

Individual source materials used by GLOBE have a variety of internal georeferencing schemes. This may raise questions of how to georeference the entire GLOBE DEM in one's application.

Each GLOBE grid cell is bounded by integer increments of 30 arc-seconds of latitude and longitude. Feed this information through your software's georeferencing conventions. For example:

  • If your software uses the center of grid cells for reference, you probably would use 179o59'45" West longitude, 89o59'45" North latitude as the center of the first grid of Tile A.
  • If your software uses the outside edges of extreme cells for your reference you may use something like 50oN-90oN and 180oW-90oW as the edges of Tile A.
  • For more information, contact the support personnel for your software.
icon Grid cell edges, lon1, lon2, lat1, and lat2 are integer increments of 30". Internal georeferencing varies by source. (See Sections 5.A.i through 5.A.xi.)

Graphic describing georeferencing for the entire GLOBE grid.


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