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A Report on Geomagnetic Observatories, 1995

Provides the status, contacts, and data from nearly 200 permanent magnetic observatories. Information includes observatories by country (location), station name, IAGA code, and name, address, and telephone for the institute operating the observatory.

Bibliography of Historical Geomagnetic Main Field Survey Reports

In order to determine the extent of historical magnetic data publications at the WDC-A for Solid Earth Geophysics, a digital inventory was started in 1992. This report is a bibliography of the publications held at the WDC-A which may be useful in the retrospective modeling of the main magnetic field. The bibliography is organized by author, title of the work, date and place of publication, and publisher. A short description of each work is also included.

Catalog of Submarine Volcanoes and Hydrological Phenomena Associated with Volcanic Events

By P. Hedervari, 1986, covers 1900 A.D. through 1959 A.D., and includes submarine eruptions, new volcanic islands, tsunamis, seiches, and base surges related to volcanic activity. 35 pages; soft cover.

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Catalog of Tsunamis in the Pacific, 1969-1982

S.L. Soloviev, Ch.N. Go, and Kh.S. Kim, 1992, originally published in Russian in 1986 by the Geophysical Committee of the Academy of the Sciences of the former Soviet Union. 207 pages, 88 figures, 46 tables; available in xeroxed copies.

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Catalog of Tsunamis on the Western Coast of Mexico

By A. Sanchez and S. Farreras, 1993, is a compilation of all information pertaining to tsunamis of seismic origin observed and/or recorded on the Pacific Ocean coast of Mexico from 1732 through 1992. The text is in both Spanish and English. 79 pages of text, 26 tables, 5 figures, and 67 marigrams; soft cover format.

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Proceedings, 2nd UJNR Tsunami Workshop

By A. Brennan and J. Lander, eds., 1991, contains formal papers or abstracts presented at the November, 1990 meeting in Hawaii. UNJR is the Japan Natural Resources Development Program in the United States. 260 pages; soft cover.

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Report of the International Tsunami Measurements Workshop

By James F. Lander and Harry Yeh, eds., 1995, contains scientific papers presented at the June, 1995 workshop in Colorado. 102 pages; xerox copied.

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Solar-Geophysical Data Reports

A monthly bulletin issued since 1955 in two parts that provides the scientific community with a variety of solar-terrestrial data. Solar- Geophysical Data is intended to keep researchers informed on a timely schedule of the major events on the sun and of their associated interplanetary, ionospheric, geomagnetic and cosmic ray effects. The report is made available through the cooperation of many observatories, laboratories and agencies whose data are summarized.

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Tsunamis Affecting Alaska, 1737-1996

By J. Lander, 1996, is the third in a series of informative publications about tsunamis written by James F. Lander. The catalog describes all known tsunamis that have affected Alaska in historic time, expanding the information first provided in United States Tsunamis, 1690-1988 (see characterize the tsunami hazard. The text is illustrated with pictures, tables, marigram records, and other figures. A separate section is included for the Prince William Sound event of 1964. 195 pages, 55 illustrations, 15 tables, and 42 marigrams. Available in soft cover format only.

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Tsunamis Affecting the W. Coast of the US, 1806-1992

Builds on the section treating the west coast in United States Tsunamis, the amount of data, number of events,and their evaluation. As before, detailed description information is included to better characterize the tsunami hazard. 242 pages of text, 36 illustrations, 12 tables, and 130 marigrams. This popular publication is out of print. However, we are offering xeroxed copies, at cost of reproduction.

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Tsunamis in Peru-Chile

By P. Lockridge, 1985, is another tsunami catalog, which examines historical tsunami and earthquake data in the Peru-Chile area. 95 pages; soft cover.

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Tsunamis in the Pacific Basin, 1900-1983

By P. Lockridge and R. Smith, 1984, shows the locations of 405 events, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides, that caused tsunamis between 1900 and 1983. Tables list dates of the events, earthquake and tsunami information, number of deaths, and type of damage. Representative locations reporting runup heights of 1.5 meters or larger are also shown on the map. Multicolored map, 43"x 60"; map is folded.

US Tsunamis, 1690-1988

By J. Lander and P. Lockridge, 1989, is a compilation of the historical records of tsunamis that have been observed or recorded in United States coastal waters, up through 1988. The publication includes discussions of events occurring on the shores of Hawaii, Alaska, the west and east coasts of the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa and other U.S. possessions in the Pacific. It also contains descriptive data about each reported tsunami event, and details the effects of the waves. Tables summarizing events and effects are included for each area. 265 pages of text, 66 illustrations, and 11 tables; available in hard-cover format.

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Upper Atmosphere Geophysics (UAG) Reports

Series published on an irregular schedule, covering subjects as compiled reports of special events, or specialized data collections, or other information or material of special interest to the solar-terrestrial physics community.

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WDCA-MGG-1 DSDP V.1-44 Overview, G.R. Heath

An overview of laboratory techniques, methodology, definitions, and assumptions used to derive the sedimentological results presented in Volumes 1-44 of the Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project.

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WDCA-MGG-4 Lithologic Data from Pacific Ocean DSDP Cores

By L.F. Musich, T.A. Davies, P.B. Woodbury, and D.F. Marsee. Prepared by the DSDP staff, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography. 447 pages, softbound.

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