Multibeam Report for FK151221

Ship Name: Falkor
Chief Scientist: None
Source Organization: UNOLS R2R
Start Date: 2015-12-21
End Date: 2016-01-05

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Multibeam Bathymetry

Cruise Details

Project: Transit
Instrument: Kongsberg EM302 and EM710

Data Quality

Number of Files: 11
Number of Records: 3833
BATHYMETRY DATA Quantity Percentage
Number of Beams 1631984 100%
Number of Good Beams 1455977 89.22%
Number of Zero Beams 0 0%
Number of Flagged Beams 176007 10.78%

Navigation Totals

Total Time: 6.1574 hours
Total Track Length: 155.9779 km
Average Speed: 25.332 km/hr (13.6782 knots)

Cruise Bounds

Northern Extent: 13.413262
Southern Extent: 12.740753
Western Extent: 144.5889
Eastern Extent: 145.71335


Minimum Sonar Depth 3.1694 Maximum Sonar Depth 8.1208
Minimum Altitude 661.1995 Maximum Altitude 8985.1289
Minimum Depth 488.3328 Maximum Depth 9032.6465

File Information

Full Resolution Bathymetry as collected (raw): 8

Files File Size Description
0000_20151222_023817_FK151221_EM302.all.mb58.gz 64.37MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0001_20151222_041324_FK151221_EM302.all.mb58.gz 42.00MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0002_20151222_051325_FK151221_EM302.all.mb58.gz 33.86MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0003_20151222_061326_FK151221_EM302.all.mb58.gz 31.75MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0004_20151222_071324_FK151221_EM302.all.mb58.gz 29.40MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0005_20151222_081324_FK151221_EM302.all.mb58.gz 17.45MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0000_20151222_020741_FK151221_EM710.all.mb58.gz 28.83MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
0001_20151222_035138_FK151221_EM710.all.mb58.gz 15.52MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format

Metadata Files: 3

Files File Size Description
FK151221_Multibeam.xml NGDC created ISO metadata
em302_bag_info.tar.gz 1.1KB Additional cruise information
em710_bag_info.tar.gz 1.0KB Additional cruise information