Multibeam Report for MGL1512

Ship Name: Marcus G. Langseth
Chief Scientist: Calder, Brian
University of New Hampshire, Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (UNH/CCOM)
Source Organization: University of New Hampshire, Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (UNH/CCOM)
Start Date: 2015-07-29
End Date: 2015-08-29

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Multibeam Bathymetry

Cruise Details

Project: U.S. Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Survey
Instrument: Kongsberg EM122

Data Quality

Number of Files: 435
Number of Records: 933678
BATHYMETRY DATA Quantity Percentage
Number of Beams 134447040 100%
Number of Good Beams 125807468 93.57%
Number of Zero Beams 192 0.0%
Number of Flagged Beams 8639380 6.43%

Navigation Totals

Total Time: 641.546 hours
Total Track Length: 12464.4265 km
Average Speed: 19.429 km/hr (10.4908 knots)

Cruise Bounds

Northern Extent: 40.55462
Southern Extent: 34.811337
Western Extent: -74.03
Eastern Extent: -62.75


Minimum Sonar Depth 2.2278 Maximum Sonar Depth 9.9182
Minimum Altitude 7.7946 Maximum Altitude 5610.7915
Minimum Depth 13.2048 Maximum Depth 6147.5146

File Information

Full Resolution Bathymetry as collected (raw): 139

Files File Size Description
Atlantic_line_604tran.all.mb58.gz 421.55MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_606tran.all.mb58.gz 717.60MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_607tran.all.mb58.gz 341.76MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_608tran.all.mb58.gz 161.96MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_609patch.all.mb58.gz 70.60MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_610patch.all.mb58.gz 68.30MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_611patch.all.mb58.gz 90.20MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_612patch.all.mb58.gz 42.72MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_613tran.all.mb58.gz 84.83MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_614tran.all.mb58.gz 90.85MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_615tran.all.mb58.gz 0.73MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_616tran.all.mb58.gz 20.45MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_617.all.mb58.gz 16.63MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_618.all.mb58.gz 265.29MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_619.all.mb58.gz 208.70MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_620.all.mb58.gz 167.85MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_621.all.mb58.gz 228.44MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_622.all.mb58.gz 197.73MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_623.all.mb58.gz 236.10MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_624.all.mb58.gz 236.72MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_625.all.mb58.gz 199.97MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_626.all.mb58.gz 229.90MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_627.all.mb58.gz 232.63MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_628.all.mb58.gz 120.91MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_629.all.mb58.gz 308.54MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_630.all.mb58.gz 6.60MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_631.all.mb58.gz 231.77MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_632.all.mb58.gz 182.98MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_633.all.mb58.gz 248.66MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_634.all.mb58.gz 230.08MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_635.all.mb58.gz 98.53MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_636.all.mb58.gz 95.70MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_637.all.mb58.gz 296.75MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_638.all.mb58.gz 163.68MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_639.all.mb58.gz 195.90MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_640.all.mb58.gz 226.87MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_641.all.mb58.gz 230.48MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_642.all.mb58.gz 158.28MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_643.all.mb58.gz 271.67MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_644.all.mb58.gz 230.62MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_645.all.mb58.gz 203.24MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_646.all.mb58.gz 221.18MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_647.all.mb58.gz 228.86MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_648.all.mb58.gz 177.79MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_649.all.mb58.gz 250.11MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_650.all.mb58.gz 228.92MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_651.all.mb58.gz 226.21MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_652.all.mb58.gz 161.30MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_653.all.mb58.gz 261.03MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_654.all.mb58.gz 242.91MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_655.all.mb58.gz 169.90MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_656.all.mb58.gz 237.55MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_657.all.mb58.gz 228.59MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_658.all.mb58.gz 166.06MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_659.all.mb58.gz 255.58MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_660.all.mb58.gz 226.65MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_661.all.mb58.gz 109.41MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_662.all.mb58.gz 111.64MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_663.all.mb58.gz 176.10MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_664.all.mb58.gz 226.61MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_665.all.mb58.gz 144.14MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_666.all.mb58.gz 268.80MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_667.all.mb58.gz 141.63MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_668.all.mb58.gz 184.84MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_669.all.mb58.gz 298.87MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_670.all.mb58.gz 18.03MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_671.all.mb58.gz 224.83MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_672.all.mb58.gz 94.63MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_673.all.mb58.gz 227.95MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_674.all.mb58.gz 92.93MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_675.all.mb58.gz 267.73MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_676.all.mb58.gz 235.97MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_677.all.mb58.gz 76.34MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_678.all.mb58.gz 218.33MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_679.all.mb58.gz 263.41MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_680.all.mb58.gz 160.85MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_681.all.mb58.gz 267.10MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_682.all.mb58.gz 179.26MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_683.all.mb58.gz 82.55MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_684.all.mb58.gz 188.30MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_685.all.mb58.gz 230.03MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_686.all.mb58.gz 179.86MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_687.all.mb58.gz 244.06MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_688.all.mb58.gz 219.65MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_689tran.all.mb58.gz 240.02MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_690tran.all.mb58.gz 152.42MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_691tran.all.mb58.gz 287.14MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_692tran.all.mb58.gz 287.66MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_693tran.all.mb58.gz 297.43MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_694tran.all.mb58.gz 25.94MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_695tran.all.mb58.gz 36.47MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_696.all.mb58.gz 47.73MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_697.all.mb58.gz 227.24MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_698.all.mb58.gz 228.84MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_699.all.mb58.gz 171.45MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_700.all.mb58.gz 138.98MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_701.all.mb58.gz 225.16MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_702.all.mb58.gz 234.08MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_703.all.mb58.gz 219.42MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_704.all.mb58.gz 245.84MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_705.all.mb58.gz 151.78MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_706.all.mb58.gz 224.96MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_707.all.mb58.gz 226.35MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_708.all.mb58.gz 79.18MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_709.all.mb58.gz 138.06MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_710.all.mb58.gz 223.84MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_711.all.mb58.gz 268.22MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_712.all.mb58.gz 149.55MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_713.all.mb58.gz 225.55MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_714.all.mb58.gz 197.66MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_715.all.mb58.gz 224.31MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_716.all.mb58.gz 217.84MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_717.all.mb58.gz 173.43MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_718.all.mb58.gz 244.88MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_719.all.mb58.gz 233.40MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_720.all.mb58.gz 63.47MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_721.all.mb58.gz 171.33MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_722.all.mb58.gz 259.05MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_723.all.mb58.gz 224.64MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_724.all.mb58.gz 146.49MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_725.all.mb58.gz 88.33MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_726.all.mb58.gz 127.48MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_727.all.mb58.gz 92.04MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_728.all.mb58.gz 30.94MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_729.all.mb58.gz 95.66MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_730.all.mb58.gz 229.76MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_731.all.mb58.gz 166.86MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_732.all.mb58.gz 124.93MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_733.all.mb58.gz 29.83MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_734.all.mb58.gz 104.17MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_735.all.mb58.gz 39.27MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_736.all.mb58.gz 194.61MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_737.all.mb58.gz 152.15MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_738.all.mb58.gz 21.86MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_739.all.mb58.gz 192.38MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_740tran.all.mb58.gz 250.99MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_741tran.all.mb58.gz 249.24MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_742tran.all.mb58.gz 274.52MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format
Atlantic_line_743tran.all.mb58.gz 336.33MB Kongsberg multibeam vendor format

Full Resolution Bathymetry (processed): 280

Files File Size Description
Atlantic_line_604tran.xyb.gz 184.05MB Generic XYB backscatter format 105.35MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_605tran.xyb.gz 1726.91MB Generic XYB backscatter format 1700.63MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_606tran.xyb.gz 229.02MB Generic XYB backscatter format 261.19MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_607tran.xyb.gz 39.82MB Generic XYB backscatter format 48.04MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_608tran.xyb.gz 18.54MB Generic XYB backscatter format 22.33MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_609patch.xyb.gz 8.01MB Generic XYB backscatter format 9.72MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_610patch.xyb.gz 8.03MB Generic XYB backscatter format 9.77MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_611patch.xyb.gz 10.22MB Generic XYB backscatter format 12.44MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_612patch.xyb.gz 4.65MB Generic XYB backscatter format 4.91MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_613tran.xyb.gz 9.15MB Generic XYB backscatter format 11.05MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_614tran.xyb.gz 9.52MB Generic XYB backscatter format 11.50MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_615tran.xyb.gz 33.7KB Generic XYB backscatter format 41.2KB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_616tran.xyb.gz 2.13MB Generic XYB backscatter format 2.57MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_617.xyb.gz 0.97MB Generic XYB backscatter format 1.39MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_618.xyb.gz 23.47MB Generic XYB backscatter format 26.47MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_619.xyb.gz 21.03MB Generic XYB backscatter format 20.57MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_620.xyb.gz 20.41MB Generic XYB backscatter format 19.02MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_621.xyb.gz 27.73MB Generic XYB backscatter format 27.74MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_622.xyb.gz 24.34MB Generic XYB backscatter format 24.99MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_623.xyb.gz 26.99MB Generic XYB backscatter format 24.68MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_624.xyb.gz 26.91MB Generic XYB backscatter format 26.09MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_625.xyb.gz 22.61MB Generic XYB backscatter format 21.22MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_626.xyb.gz 26.94MB Generic XYB backscatter format 27.12MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_627.xyb.gz 27.68MB Generic XYB backscatter format 27.71MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_628.xyb.gz 13.95MB Generic XYB backscatter format 12.79MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_629.xyb.gz 35.42MB Generic XYB backscatter format 33.17MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_630.xyb.gz 0.69MB Generic XYB backscatter format 0.69MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_631.xyb.gz 26.59MB Generic XYB backscatter format 27.75MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_632.xyb.gz 21.19MB Generic XYB backscatter format 21.37MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_633.xyb.gz 29.64MB Generic XYB backscatter format 29.72MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_634.xyb.gz 27.25MB Generic XYB backscatter format 25.73MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_635.xyb.gz 11.42MB Generic XYB backscatter format 9.50MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_636.xyb.gz 10.80MB Generic XYB backscatter format 8.43MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_637.xyb.gz 32.35MB Generic XYB backscatter format 29.38MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_638.xyb.gz 17.93MB Generic XYB backscatter format 15.95MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_639.xyb.gz 22.53MB Generic XYB backscatter format 21.45MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_640.xyb.gz 27.05MB Generic XYB backscatter format 26.95MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_641.xyb.gz 27.43MB Generic XYB backscatter format 26.43MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_642.xyb.gz 18.69MB Generic XYB backscatter format 16.31MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_643.xyb.gz 31.71MB Generic XYB backscatter format 28.58MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_644.xyb.gz 27.53MB Generic XYB backscatter format 27.17MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_645.xyb.gz 23.47MB Generic XYB backscatter format 25.97MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_646.xyb.gz 26.34MB Generic XYB backscatter format 30.22MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_647.xyb.gz 27.09MB Generic XYB backscatter format 25.98MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_648.xyb.gz 20.83MB Generic XYB backscatter format 19.52MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_649.xyb.gz 28.66MB Generic XYB backscatter format 27.46MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_650.xyb.gz 24.37MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.93MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_651.xyb.gz 20.36MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.58MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_652.xyb.gz 16.41MB Generic XYB backscatter format 19.32MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_653.xyb.gz 30.23MB Generic XYB backscatter format 35.82MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_654.xyb.gz 27.31MB Generic XYB backscatter format 27.95MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_655.xyb.gz 18.70MB Generic XYB backscatter format 16.00MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_656.xyb.gz 26.74MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.83MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_657.xyb.gz 27.23MB Generic XYB backscatter format 30.91MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_658.xyb.gz 19.45MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.21MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_659.xyb.gz 29.94MB Generic XYB backscatter format 35.82MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_660.xyb.gz 26.78MB Generic XYB backscatter format 29.85MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_661.xyb.gz 12.47MB Generic XYB backscatter format 12.19MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_662.xyb.gz 12.38MB Generic XYB backscatter format 11.39MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_663.xyb.gz 20.04MB Generic XYB backscatter format 20.06MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_664.xyb.gz 26.27MB Generic XYB backscatter format 31.35MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_665.xyb.gz 16.68MB Generic XYB backscatter format 19.87MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_666.xyb.gz 31.05MB Generic XYB backscatter format 36.14MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_667.xyb.gz 16.45MB Generic XYB backscatter format 18.88MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_668.xyb.gz 20.99MB Generic XYB backscatter format 18.88MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_669.xyb.gz 32.20MB Generic XYB backscatter format 31.56MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_670.xyb.gz 2.03MB Generic XYB backscatter format 2.44MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_671.xyb.gz 25.42MB Generic XYB backscatter format 29.14MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_672.xyb.gz 10.87MB Generic XYB backscatter format 12.17MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_673.xyb.gz 26.39MB Generic XYB backscatter format 30.42MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_674.xyb.gz 10.83MB Generic XYB backscatter format 12.94MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_675.xyb.gz 30.73MB Generic XYB backscatter format 30.06MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_676.xyb.gz 26.87MB Generic XYB backscatter format 26.73MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_677.xyb.gz 8.69MB Generic XYB backscatter format 10.07MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_678.xyb.gz 24.83MB Generic XYB backscatter format 26.60MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_679.xyb.gz 29.69MB Generic XYB backscatter format 31.22MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_680.xyb.gz 18.72MB Generic XYB backscatter format 21.42MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_681.xyb.gz 31.51MB Generic XYB backscatter format 29.29MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_682.xyb.gz 20.85MB Generic XYB backscatter format 20.35MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_683.xyb.gz 8.67MB Generic XYB backscatter format 8.85MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_684.xyb.gz 21.13MB Generic XYB backscatter format 20.23MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_685.xyb.gz 26.69MB Generic XYB backscatter format 25.28MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_686.xyb.gz 20.57MB Generic XYB backscatter format 16.99MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_687.xyb.gz 28.38MB Generic XYB backscatter format 27.17MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_688.xyb.gz 25.12MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.88MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_689tran.xyb.gz 28.11MB Generic XYB backscatter format 32.71MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_690tran.xyb.gz 19.06MB Generic XYB backscatter format 22.87MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_691tran.xyb.gz 49.03MB Generic XYB backscatter format 59.87MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_692tran.xyb.gz 45.02MB Generic XYB backscatter format 55.07MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_693tran.xyb.gz 35.74MB Generic XYB backscatter format 42.91MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_694tran.xyb.gz 2.93MB Generic XYB backscatter format 3.15MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_695tran.xyb.gz 4.11MB Generic XYB backscatter format 4.18MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_696.xyb.gz 5.48MB Generic XYB backscatter format 4.96MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_697.xyb.gz 25.65MB Generic XYB backscatter format 21.90MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_698.xyb.gz 26.31MB Generic XYB backscatter format 24.83MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_699.xyb.gz 19.68MB Generic XYB backscatter format 20.45MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_700.xyb.gz 15.91MB Generic XYB backscatter format 14.56MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_701.xyb.gz 25.86MB Generic XYB backscatter format 25.03MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_702.xyb.gz 26.68MB Generic XYB backscatter format 25.63MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_703.xyb.gz 24.94MB Generic XYB backscatter format 22.35MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_704.xyb.gz 28.30MB Generic XYB backscatter format 25.76MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_705.xyb.gz 17.26MB Generic XYB backscatter format 15.97MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_706.xyb.gz 25.40MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.17MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_707.xyb.gz 26.22MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.83MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_708.xyb.gz 8.83MB Generic XYB backscatter format 8.24MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_709.xyb.gz 15.30MB Generic XYB backscatter format 11.27MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_710.xyb.gz 25.70MB Generic XYB backscatter format 20.57MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_711.xyb.gz 30.36MB Generic XYB backscatter format 26.83MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_712.xyb.gz 16.42MB Generic XYB backscatter format 13.93MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_713.xyb.gz 25.00MB Generic XYB backscatter format 20.92MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_714.xyb.gz 22.11MB Generic XYB backscatter format 17.73MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_715.xyb.gz 25.41MB Generic XYB backscatter format 21.82MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_716.xyb.gz 25.31MB Generic XYB backscatter format 21.61MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_717.xyb.gz 19.70MB Generic XYB backscatter format 16.46MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_718.xyb.gz 28.02MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.31MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_719.xyb.gz 26.91MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.10MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_720.xyb.gz 7.16MB Generic XYB backscatter format 5.19MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_721.xyb.gz 19.50MB Generic XYB backscatter format 13.56MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_722.xyb.gz 30.08MB Generic XYB backscatter format 26.32MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_723.xyb.gz 25.86MB Generic XYB backscatter format 23.95MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_724.xyb.gz 16.52MB Generic XYB backscatter format 13.16MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_725.xyb.gz 9.75MB Generic XYB backscatter format 7.47MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_726.xyb.gz 14.27MB Generic XYB backscatter format 10.23MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_727.xyb.gz 10.60MB Generic XYB backscatter format 9.91MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_728.xyb.gz 3.53MB Generic XYB backscatter format 3.84MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_729.xyb.gz 11.04MB Generic XYB backscatter format 9.54MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_730.xyb.gz 25.86MB Generic XYB backscatter format 21.92MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_731.xyb.gz 18.50MB Generic XYB backscatter format 13.66MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_732.xyb.gz 13.95MB Generic XYB backscatter format 14.06MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_733.xyb.gz 3.20MB Generic XYB backscatter format 3.39MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_734.xyb.gz 10.13MB Generic XYB backscatter format 8.75MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_735.xyb.gz 3.85MB Generic XYB backscatter format 3.66MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_736.xyb.gz 21.43MB Generic XYB backscatter format 18.72MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_737.xyb.gz 15.42MB Generic XYB backscatter format 12.17MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_738.xyb.gz 2.46MB Generic XYB backscatter format 2.23MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_739.xyb.gz 21.90MB Generic XYB backscatter format 18.03MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_740tran.xyb.gz 28.98MB Generic XYB backscatter format 30.64MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_741tran.xyb.gz 32.47MB Generic XYB backscatter format 37.97MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_742tran.xyb.gz 47.90MB Generic XYB backscatter format 57.68MB Generic XYZ sounding format
Atlantic_line_743tran.xyb.gz 80.55MB Generic XYB backscatter format 95.94MB Generic XYZ sounding format

Products: 6

Files File Size Description
Atlantic_MGL15-12_backscatter.grd.gz 172.29MB netCDF grid file 245.45MB Fledermaus surface
Atlantic_MGL15-12_backscatter.xyb.gz 1949.35MB ASCII backscatter data
Atlantic_MGL15-12_bathymetry.grd.gz 172.29MB netCDF grid file 208.89MB Fledermaus surface 516.91MB xyz grid file provided by the originator

Metadata Files: 7

Files File Size Description
MGL1512_Multibeam.xml NCEI created ISO metadata
Atlantic_MGL15-12_ASCII_backscatter_metadata.xml 19.5KB XML metadata file
Atlantic_MGL15-12_ASCII_bathymetry_metadata.xml 18.7KB XML metadata file
Atlantic_MGL15-12_SD_backscatter_metadata.xml 19.5KB XML metadata file
Atlantic_MGL15-12_SD_bathymetry_metadata.xml 19.1KB XML metadata file
MGL1512_Cruise_Report.pdf 40.96MB PDF metadata file
v1_file_metadata.tar.gz 44.9KB File level metadata

Ancillary Files: 2

Files File Size Description
ctd.tar.gz 142.1KB Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (CTD) data
xbt.tar.gz 1.87MB Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) data

Water Column Sonar Data

Water Column Sonar Data Available: WCSD Map Viewer